View Full Version : Loading zones :(

21st Mar 2004, 23:41
Somehow I think that this is some thing that could easily be avoided with good coding. It may be necisary for the X-Brick, but certanly not for the PC. The loading zones are only for systems that have low memory, not a poor graphics card, because the entire level isnt being rendered at one time, so loading zones only have to do with how much memory the computer has to hold. So any compueter with 512mb or more should be fine. I hope that loading zones will only be in the X-brick version. (come on eidos, I hve faith in your programing! you can get out of this loading zone delema!)

22nd Mar 2004, 00:45
My bet is that there will be loading zones in the city part in between missions. Hopefully none will be in the actual missions themselves, as these will load fully when you start.

22nd Mar 2004, 02:51
From your lips to God's ear, Tealsmith.