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21st Mar 2004, 21:07
Duuurrrr, doh, can anyone help? I have played loads of FMs but for some reason I have lost the plot with this one.

How the hell do I get out of the cell to save the damsel? I can see that the guard has the key on his belt, but by the time he comes into view, he has already slayed the maiden. I only seem to have the time to grab the blackjack from her, and that's my lot. Help.....

Aaaarh, feel really thick and useless with this one!

21st Mar 2004, 23:12
thiefessa....don't feel bad, several of us including myself, had that same dilemma :) You need to get over to that window and pick the BJ from your female friend, then turn around quickly in a crouched position and frob that burrick skin on the floor. It will open to a hole which you need to drop into and past a bit beyond the cell floor underneath. That will satisfy that first objective..then your ready to get on with it. Be very careful as you go and be patient for the right moments to do your thing. You'll probably get in trouble quite a bit...but just take it as a learning experience and try something different or do again maybe the same way but better timed or whatever :) Good Luck and Good Hunting!

22nd Mar 2004, 14:11
Thanku Huntress, wow....I wouldn't have tried out that option in a million years! I'll get taffin' right away.....

24th Mar 2004, 07:37
Huntress, I am need of your help once more! Do you know, I have hit the hell out of that burrick skin on the floor and it just won't give in to reveal a hole. Is there a 'special' way to hit it, I have tried every way I know. Aaaaargh, think I might just give up on this one, that burrick skin has got it in for me. :(

Old Man
24th Mar 2004, 09:00
IIRC that spot on the floor is frobbable. You just need to be at the correct height and angle. Just work around it from different angles crouched and standing, a little closer and a little further away until it highlights. Luck.

24th Mar 2004, 20:20
Hi OM, believe me...I have been frobbin' that skin every which way possible and it is highlighting whilst I do so, but it just ain't giving in.

Really wierd, I am sure this is only happening to me!

Aaaaargh, frustrated....but certainly not heartbroken, after all - there is a host of new missions to play, so I am still taffin' in any case!

Cheers for your help

29th Mar 2004, 22:21
Just got back on-line and saw your thread again. The only thing I can tell you is that as soon as you get the BJ, turn around to face the rug and while crouched down get over close enough to it to frob...making sure your not on it or in it's way to open. It should open without a problem...it doesn't seem to have a high highlight as I recall...so maybe you've been on the wrong side preventing it from opening. I know you said you've been on all different places but from where I told you to go to do it, it should work. Then after dropping down, crouch down again ASAP to find the direction to move in...you must do these things quickly in order to get the objective met. :) Good Luck and hope you get it to work! Ta and Good Hunting!