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21st Mar 2004, 18:22
I've nearly finished TRAOD and - altought I really enjoy it - there are *so* many bugs... :rolleyes: they sometimes go on my nerves.
Here are my favorites :D :
1. In Bouchard's hideout I reached the room at the end of the tunnel. I stepped into the room and saw the hand icon appear on the right side so I pushed the action button. Well... I walked through two walls and a case and picked up a medkit in the room in which the crippled man lies on the bed...
Another bug like this: in Neptune's Hall I walked through two grides for a medkit :)
2. While fighting Boaz, Kurtis' upper body suddenly disappeared: I couldn't control him or return to the game's menu - only the "back-to-the-Windows" button could help.
3. In the Bio Research level in the place where the tree-like something shuts the door I went to the valves. When I pushed the table out of the way Lara 's strenght increased the game loaded to the cutscene in the beginning of the level Sanitarium...

Window Paine
21st Mar 2004, 22:55
After years of playing games on my PC I gave up and now play only on my XBox and PS2. I've got a nice new PC with a P4 @ 2.6Gh and a nice Geforce 4 video card, but PC gaming just sucks.

For years I put up with the patches, the bugs, and the non stop card upgrades. It's such a chore that it's really hard to enjoy the games, if you ever do get them to work ok.

With xbox and PS2.... NO WORRIES!!! Put in the cd and WOW!!:eek: it actually works :eek:

Never again will I put myself through the endless frustration of PC gaming. Consoles are so much more reliable, and that translates to MORE FUN!!

22nd Mar 2004, 01:13
Originally posted by RagDoll
2. While fighting Boaz, Kurtis' upper body suddenly disappeared
Pants vs. Boaz 1 (http://www.bgscene.info/jelena/tomb_screenshots/what_the_f.jpg)
Pants vs. Boaz 2 (http://www.bgscene.info/jelena/tomb_screenshots/again.jpg)

It's funny how I started to experience all these bugs after I had upgraded my computer configuration. Luckily I finished AoD before that. :D

22nd Mar 2004, 14:12
I must admit I don't use patches. I've already downloaded some but don't want to use in the middle of the game. First I'll finish playin' then I'll upgrade the game and start from the beginning. :D

22nd Mar 2004, 20:34
Well, I finished. And read things how patches work, what they fix. And found that I already have a patched version... :o
A friend of mine lent me the game and the cds don't look copied... I think he has a great cd label creator :D

22nd Mar 2004, 21:37
good i didnt buy the pc version :)
you would think though that after all the delays they would be fixed

anyways i didnt expierence any of the bugs people complained about for the ps2 either iono i am the luck one i guess