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20th Mar 2004, 17:28
Have any of u guys noticed that when you see the back of Lara's head up close, sometimes you see right inside it!!! I screamed the first time I saw it, it's like seeing her face inside out!

20th Mar 2004, 17:51
What do u mean?

20th Mar 2004, 18:00
I had EXACTLY the same reaction! Like a dead body floatin' in a lake... :(
Poor Lara, sometimes she's looking inside her own head, sometimes she doesn't have a leg... ;)

22nd Mar 2004, 00:38
Originally posted by RagDoll
Poor Lara, sometimes she's looking inside her own head, sometimes she doesn't have a leg... ;)

It happens with Kurtis, too. :D Sometimes you can even see his teeth through his head --> EEK! (http://www.bgscene.info/jelena/tomb_screenshots/k_teeth.jpg)

The stretched leg bug --> Lara's leg (http://www.bgscene.info/jelena/tomb_screenshots/mutated_leg.jpg)

p.s. Scarier than Pierre? --> Boaz (http://www.bgscene.info/jelena/tomb_screenshots/holy_sh.jpg) :D

23rd Mar 2004, 01:38
There is nothing in them!!
Although you can still see those things in previous Tomb Raiders, even empty body (no bones, no nothing)

Ekkk :eek: :D

22nd Apr 2004, 21:13
It happens to walls as well. i often don't see any walls just run into thim air and stop.:rolleyes:

23rd Apr 2004, 03:24
That scares the hell out of me each time it happens. Never happened when I played Kurtis, though.:confused:

I think Boaz looks more sinister that way!

23rd Apr 2004, 13:58
I don't think Boaz looks very sinister (the human female, that is - the Pod thing looks downright freakish!). She's more like freaked out & gone Goth by having seen and done too much monstrosity. And on the eyes-out pic she looks even more freaked out :)

Anyway, Pierre is THE master of freakishness! :eek:

Now I remembered, there was a bug when Boaz's hair stretched into infinity (like Lara's leg does). Looked funny as hell when the Pod ate her, and there was this huge black spike coming out of the thing. Tough bite :D

22nd May 2004, 14:44
i remember when that inverted face thing happened to lara once, i sort of screamed and accidentally made her let go and drop to her death. it was so weird tho she looked like some kind of demonic doll.

22nd May 2004, 17:39
I wouldn't call it a "bug" per se. It's just an uncorrected flaw in the camera configuration. It doesn't crash or mess up the game in any way - but it's sure wierd.