View Full Version : Is it a cookie thing, maybe?

18th Mar 2004, 15:07
I can log on to XP and come here and I can type a question and such. I automatically log on. No problems...

BUT! ------ If I log onto Forums from same PC different network log-in I get the "you have not logged in message yet all over the place. I can't do anything Even after I log in. Can't start new threads, replys etc...

Any thoughts out there?

Thank Jim

Old Man
18th Mar 2004, 20:28
I think that whole user login business is taken care of with cookies. On this forum anyway. And your system stores it's cookies probably on your computer. So, another network client would need to use that cookie or you'll need to log in again from that computer to get a cookie established or maybe even everytime. Whether or not you can post new topics without being logged in depends on the forum you're on. But after you log in you should be okay unless it's a private forum and you need special status from the forum administrators.

24th Mar 2004, 07:50
Each user account on an NT-based version of Windows gets its own %userprofile% path. Each account's cookies are stored there. When you change to a different login (on the same host), you are changing to a different profile path. You are a different user on your computer. So login again and save the cookie when you are logged under your alter ego account. If you have N accounts on your computer, you'll have to login N times, once into each account, and login here N times to get another cookie create under that currently logged in account.

24th Mar 2004, 12:31
Understand what you are saying. What about an issue of the the forum "saying" I'm logged on but i'm really not? Every action that requires any input to questions requires log in.?

Old Man
24th Mar 2004, 15:11
There are some cases where different cookies handle those separate functions. Perhaps you just need to get through the process of setting up the cookies the first time and it will all seem clean after that. Not forums generally, but I have several sites that want logins that are secured in one way or another and getting past that security you'd expect a little bump now and again.