View Full Version : Whiplash buggy on Xbox!?!?

17th Mar 2004, 22:14
Dear Crystal Dynamics,

first of all: Whiplash kept me and my grilfriend occupied for the last days. A really fun game with lots of interesting levels to explore. But now we have reached a point where the game is just frustrating!

We have completed the Med-Section (75% into the game) and there seems to be no way to complete the game on xbox. From the forums we learned that we have to collect some sort of security cards - but we only got one from the nurse.

Please don't tell me, that we nearly have completed the game, but have to return to every level to search for security cards and boss monsters that have not been activated yet?

Maybe Whiplash didn't receive the same Q.S. check on Xbox as on ps2.
I think we'll sell the game tomorrow on ebay and hopefully Whiplash 2 will be better, with a more straight level design and not some sort of hide and seek every level all over again and again.

18th Mar 2004, 20:03
Hey whiplash_xbox,
Actually once you get the High Voltage upgrade from the Nurse in the Medical level, you will have to return to most of the previous levels to collect Security keycards. Now that Redmond can swing from the high voltage orbs, you can get into areas you have not been in yet, and there is a new boss for each card.
Anyways, let me know if you need any help with the game.

19th Mar 2004, 18:01
Hi Chris,

thanks a lot for your fast replay.

In the meantime we successfully retrieved the security keycard from Robotics (after hours of searching for the right spot) :p. Couldn't resist to try one more time :)!

As I understand from the forums we still have to find:

- Waste security card
- Endurance security card
- Shipping security card
- Power security card
- Genetics security card

Currently we are in the power section. Any hints on the loaction where to find it would be appreciated.

Best whishes!


Update: It's getting better by the minute! Meanwhile we got the power and endurance cards. 3 to go...

19th Mar 2004, 22:23
Hello Chris,

the waste security card is a pain in the ... :mad:! First of all we died a thousend times to get across all the moving carts just to learn that an even deadlier "die instantly" part with zips and lanes is ahead. I think this section is way harder than any other section of the whole game before.

Has anyone already got a cheat code for the waste security card?

Best regards
~ whiplash_xbox

22nd Mar 2004, 17:41
You are correct in where you need to find the additional Keycards in the game. They can be tricky, but just take your time with them. In Waste, after the moving carts it is just a matter of either jumping onto the scurrylines or grabbing onto the ziplines. just takes a bit of practicce, but there should be checkpoints along the way. I do not know of any codes to get past this area, sorry.

Oh to get the Power keycard, just return to the area where you faught the 1st power boss(the spider one).