View Full Version : The lost Domain

17th Mar 2004, 11:20
has anyone else got problems with the lost domain ??? the door which is on a timer is just to quick......
any suggestions how to get there before the door closes????
please help...im pulling hairs out now...lol
much appreciated

17th Mar 2004, 14:36
I found that you can start the run and jump while the cut scene of the door opening is going on. When I did it, I did a few trial runs (without pulling the lever) just to get a feel for how many steps (when standing at the lever) she needed to take before needing to jump... after that, it's running jump/grabs and you should be able to make it through the door.

That's just how I did it though, someone else might have another way of doing it that worked for them.

1st Apr 2004, 13:44
Use sprint mode after first jump - should get you there quick enough

12th Apr 2004, 17:58
sprint+jump should do the trick-it also works 4 the biodome where u jump the far-away ledge