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16th Mar 2004, 22:56
From TTLG:

As you probably know from reading these forums, the likelihood of an SDK or any form of level editing tools being released for T3 is... questionable. As null said in his post on the ISA forums recently, "I'm certain that if it's important to enough of the fan base, they will band together and make their opinions known.". So let's do that.

A fairly basic *ahem* campaign headquarters:

The petition itself:

Thanks for your support.

SIGN IT NOW. Please refrain from writing any offensive comments within your signature, as this will certainly not help the campaign.

As of this posting, there are 450 signatures on the petition.

And no, I'm not a bot from the ISA forum.

17th Mar 2004, 06:53
Already signed. I'm around 120, if I remember.


17th Mar 2004, 07:59
I've already signed up too. When do you hope to send of the petition?...I assume this has to be done before the release of the game?

van_HellSing PL
17th Mar 2004, 08:07
It doesn't necessarily have to be before the release, the SDK could just be made downloadable.

BTW, signed it ages ago :D (no. 8)

Subjective Effect
17th Mar 2004, 23:42
Yeah, but are you sending a letter? :D