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16th Mar 2004, 02:15
With T3 coming out soon, i wanted to see if my system might run the new game.

No T3 demos out so I went to Dues eX2 and downloaded that demo. Needless to say it didn't run. Those poor guys have serious issues with that game and its patches.

Well, now im stuck. I have a Gateway E-4000L Pc, 1.8 Ghz, 40Gig/HDD, Intergrated Intel 82845G vid controller with build driver (Intel says that the "14" indicates DX9.0 Compatable. Mobo with 266Mhz PC2100 DDR SDRAM (256 Meg Ram).

I have ran T1, T2 and FM's on this XP home machine very well....

all this comes to nothing if I can't get this machine to run a similiar game befor T3 comes out. Any suggestions besides getting new machine (obvious) on how to prepare for the May release?


16th Mar 2004, 02:38
Well... looking at your stats, the game should run. They aren't gonna beef it up so much that only 5% of PC owners can play.

Basically WHY didn't the Deus Ex run? Did you get any warning messages? Any "windows has *&^%#$#-up for no reason warnings?"

I suppose the first thing to do is update your video drivers, also the audio drivers. Might not hurt to update the MBoard drivers to if they offer it. I would get the drivers from the manufacturer, because the generic chipset drivers might not be 100% compatible with your hardware. Try DirectX settings I guess, and run the diagnostic to make sure everything is kosher.

16th Mar 2004, 02:55
Onboard integrated 'video cards' are notorious for not running earlier versions of Thief (though this one seems to have worked for you so far), and I wouldn't mind betting that's part of your problem. Related to that is that 256 MB of RAM is kinda low these days, and the onboard video is sharing that RAM, which cuts it back even further. So, if you can manage it at all, a new ('real') video card - preferably an ATI Radeon 9600 or 9800 Pro or nVidia GeForce FX5700 or similar - and another 256 or 512 MB of RAM would, I'm pretty sure, get your machine to run DX2. We're hoping that Thief will be a bit *less* of a resource hog, but you'll need something in that vicinity, I think.


16th Mar 2004, 03:39
I agree increasing the RAM to about 512mb... Also, you might try going to PC2700 (DDR 333mhz) if your board supports it. The cost isn't much different, and you will likely see a performance boost. Just make sure the board supports 333mhz. ;)

Also, with the Vid card, I'm willing to be you won't have a VGA slot, but a PCI card should work fine if you can find one.

16th Mar 2004, 04:17
I think Rommel means an AGP slot, but he's probably right that you won't have one.

Edit: Hmm, actually, I did a bit of snooping and it seems as though you might after all, which would be a *big* thing, because high-end PCI cards are getting hard to find.

16th Mar 2004, 05:32
The problem is your video card. Deus Ex 2 requires a DirectX 8 or higher compliant(not compatible) video card, so will Thief 3. Compliant meaning it must support DirectX 8 or higher in hardware, not through software(ie support added through drivers).

The most powerful PCI video card, if you don't have a AGP slot, is the Geforce FX 5600(it comes in both PCI and AGP versions).

Edit: Bravus is right, there is an AGP slot in that computer.

16th Mar 2004, 13:29
I will try to answer all inquiries and keep it short too...:) T3 discussion,. ? Short? Yea! :)

Rommel_1891 - Basically WHY didn't the Deus Ex run?
- Started demo and screen went blank (black) with the windows error "sound" the indicator with that sound was covered by the black after Ctrl-Alt-Del I saw it said that "Flesh failed to initilize" Please check that you - Supported video card - Have current Video drivers - Have all required shader files and - Have all required textured data.
- Video drivers are updated, BUT , I have not updated audio, I will do that. And Mobo drivers too
- As for now DX diag says everything is Ok.
- I am looking into increasing the RAM too
- Got 3 PCI and One (1) AGP slot, empty
- The Mobo is Intel Essex P4 1.8 Ghz (400 Mhx) ? 400? 400 what?
- Again ---why didn't DuesEx run? Well, I am still trying to sort that out....

bravus - Spending more for another Vid card is up too - preferably an ATI Radeon 9600 or 9800 Pro or nVidia GeForce FX5700 or similar - Any others you as a gamer have seen?

Salvage - Your emphesis on DX Compliant not Compatable got my attention. I never really thought about that. Looking at other vid cards ... would that comment be in the details?

--- Thanks for the replys your sneaky people:):)

16th Mar 2004, 14:45
Originally posted by bravus
I think Rommel means an AGP slot, but he's probably right that you won't have one.

LOL, yeah he's right... I meant AGP... I was in pre-historic mode for a while there after looking for an old Russian bolt-action, but that's an entirely different story. ;)


If you have a physical AGP slot, a new Radeon card should fix your video problem. I prefet GeForce myself but to each his own ;)

As far as the RAM is concerned, the 400mhz is the speed of the Front Side Bus(FSB) for your processor. The RAM speed is not directly connected to your FSB speed, but can help maximize what you get from your processor. Your manual should tell you what RAM speeds your computer can support. I would guess you can put PC2700 on your board.... It's been around for a while, but the most important thing is that ALL the RAM sticks you install are the same speed. So if you go up the PC2700, you have to take out your existing PC2100. If you keep the PC2100, make sure you buy the same. The stuff is getting a little scarce, but Ebay or Yahoo auctions should have some if you don't find it anywhere else.

16th Mar 2004, 18:06
Any non-MX Geforce 3, 4, or Geforce FX and any Radeon 8500 or higher is DirectX 8 compliant.

As for it being on the packaging, sometimes there is and sometimes there isn't. My 9800XT box say "Full support for Microsoft DirectX 9.0". Sometimes it even says "compliant".

Mr. Perfect
16th Mar 2004, 22:27
The 400MHz bus is actually a double-pumped 200MHz Bus. Anything other then DDR200 will just increase latency when the motherboard tries to syncronize data form a 333MHz stick of ram with a 200MHz bus.