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15th Mar 2004, 06:47
Droming has turned my life it to that of a vampire, no I'm not going out drinking blood or sleeping in a coffin.:D

Just I sleep during the day, and I'm awake when its evening, and the middle of the night, and very early morning. I've lost count on how many sun sets and sun rises I'v actually seen.

On another note I've changed my website, its just very basic now, and if you are quick you can download two thief gold conversions to thief 2, that were not up for betatesting. You've got a choice of the 'mage towers', or 'the lost city'.

Word off warning they are probably buggy, and the lost city one is a mixture of dark and gold, as in when it was released as gold, the craymen were replaced with mages, this convertion has both the craymen and mages in it, along with the burricks and fire elementals. Even thou there is only one talisman to collect, it also has the extra tunnel to get round the problem of not using the bridge to get to that center bit in the arena.
While in the mage towers I couldn't get the hot plates in the fire mages tower to work as they originally did, I changed them to going from visible to invisible and back to visible, while visible they are very lethal.
It also may not be posible to ghost both missions.


both files are 18meg.