View Full Version : Why is everything so freak'n blue?!?!?!

operative x
13th Mar 2004, 04:52
Every screenshot i see, every video i see, its blue. What in the world is Ion Storm doing!? What are your guys opinion about this? I just hope thief is not messed up like DX was...

van_HellSing PL
13th Mar 2004, 08:00
I don't see so much of the blue stuff in the more recent screenshots...

13th Mar 2004, 09:02
There was talk some time ago that the shadows would be more dark blue than black. It was thought because it would bring out the details of the graphical engine (which is not that much important considering it's an engine made for both Xbox and PC, if they don't convert the engine properly). And overall the graphical outfit shouldn't come first (ie the first two Thief-games, not exactly the most beautiful games but better&more fun to play than most other games back then)

13th Mar 2004, 10:38
I don't see a tendency of blue in all the screenshots I have looked at....?????:confused:

13th Mar 2004, 15:04
Nope, it depends on your monitor and its settings.

TIM Darg
14th Mar 2004, 00:48
I like blue.

operative x
14th Mar 2004, 08:18
no its not my monitor, every screen i see, on every computor im on. The game just has a shade of blue all over it.


how can you say there is no blue? look at the wall, it is shaded blue, look at the room behind the wall, it is also blue'ish, even look att eh wood above Garret, it is alos shaded blue. I have a brand new monitor, i think it may be your guyses monitor that has the odd settings:/

14th Mar 2004, 16:14
Thats odd. It looks like daytime in that screenshot. Either that or the Mechanists have invented some very effective streetlamps.


14th Mar 2004, 17:29
remember the game isnt finished yet and all the screen shots and clips are previews which could be the case or we've all gone colour blind!

Black Knight6662000
15th Mar 2004, 03:20
The reason it is blue is because there is a blue light source casting onto the shadow of the yellow/white light. This gives the appearance of the shadow being blue. If you look at any of the screenshots and pay attention to the shadow of the blue light source (not the yellow/white one) you will see a black shadow.

15th Mar 2004, 06:09
I heard their Art Director is a fan of blue. :)

16th Mar 2004, 00:38
Maybe they merged with Microsoft? I thought blue had become the new Microsoft trademark?

Shadows at dusk, right before nightfall, would be blue because the sky would be a deep blue, which would show through in any areas not lit by the warmer-toned street lamps. That screenshot seems to have blue in all the appropriate places, if you assume that guy in the stairwell is a mage and he's emitting a strong blue light. Or maybe Garrett is under the influence of the guards' new Poisoned Hallucinogen Non-Lethal-Takedown Arrows.

16th Mar 2004, 00:52
If you check the screen shots towards the bottom of this thread, you will see, they are not blue.


16th Mar 2004, 05:09
Hmm. No, they are not blue. Except for the visibility gem and some HUD options. (I think the visibility gem looked better when it was a different color personally.)

So sorry operative-x, I don't see a significant amount of blue in them either.

16th Mar 2004, 05:10
On a side note, I think the guards should have Poisoned Hallucinogen Non-Lethal-Takedown Arrows!! It would be totally sweet!

17th Mar 2004, 06:20
There are ways of seeing 'red' if you want..:)

19th Mar 2004, 10:13
I think all the blue is either moonlight, or light shining through blue stained glass windows. Windows like this were also in Thief 2, I never noticed a whole lot.


Notice that in this shot the sky seems dark blue, and seems to be casting a blue light on everything.

19th Mar 2004, 21:45
I think the blue in that screenshot is just from an immature version of the engine, where either the lighting code or the actual values and positions of the lights were not finalized.

Also if I were a level / lighting / texture designer, that blue would be a great way of checking out how the scene reacted to an individual light, without having to turn all other lights off. (you visually isolate the areas lit by a single light, by turning that light a funky color and watching what else turns a funky color.)