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13th Mar 2004, 04:50
I'm assuming that as per the other thief's having a weapon drawn will make you easier to spot.

What about hiding the weapon by turning your back to the guards? Risky because your back is exposed, but handy for a quick backstab.

On that note, does drawing your weapons make noises audible to the guards?

Lastly, while in the shadows, does looking around, not moving but turning, make you easier to spot to the AI?

13th Mar 2004, 05:39
if this is concerning the next installment, no clue. don't know how far the tech will effect the gameplay this time around.

if this concerns the first two thiefs, then:

1) nope, doesn't work. crouching would be the best method of reducing the amount of light off your character.

2) never had a guard flip out over over an unsheathed sword, so nope.

3) nope. just looking around keeps the same amount of light on the character as just staring straight ahead.

13th Mar 2004, 06:47
Thanks, but I was wondering about "Deadly Shadows".

15th Mar 2004, 21:25
it would be good if the tech was that advanced but i dont think anyone knows for sure sept the producers