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13th Mar 2004, 03:15
Am sure this is an old topic to bring up, and I expected to find this in the archives somewhere but must have missed it. I am now moving from the Paleolithic era and am replacing my well-used 1.4 ghtz/WinME PC with something new.

Is there a thread or reference place that I can consult to get the Thief series to work properly on XP ?

Thanks in advance for the help. :)

13th Mar 2004, 03:20



13th Mar 2004, 05:19
Well, theBlackman, nothing like a lot of choices (in your first link). :eek: :rolleyes:


tBm's third link, the TTLG technical FAQ, has some good stuff on pitfalls and solutions. Here is a thread I started that has quite a bit of information on peoples' experiences with XP:


The bottom line is that XP works but there are some gotcha's. I am still using Windows 2000. I think that avoids a few potential hassles.

13th Mar 2004, 20:39
Thanks to you both, I assume that info came from the search engine on the Technical forum, and not from the archives/FAQs etc. ? Guess I should have done the search before asking, I guess I assumed that kind of info would have been preserved for posterity like BmanRogue's thread from the old forum.

The good news is that I won't be getting rid of the old machine, it is relocating to clayboy #1's room, so I can always intrude there to play if my new box is cantakerous. :)

14th Mar 2004, 01:19
Originally posted by clayman
I assumed that kind of info would have been preserved for posterity like BmanRogue's thread from the old forum.

We probably should put an XP THIEF 1,G,2 together in the Archives. A lot of new players are coming in as the game was distributed with PCGAMING, and in new Video and Audio cards.

14th Mar 2004, 02:03
Good idea, glad you thought of it. :D

14th Mar 2004, 02:12
Originally posted by clayman
Good idea, glad you thought of it. :D

Sarcasm becomes you, as does this special delivery FIREARROW that is aimed at a particularly tender part of your anatomy. :D

I wouldst do thee no harm, but thou art standing where I am about to shoot. :p

14th Mar 2004, 21:38
(clayman anxiously searches for a bucket of water to sit in, finds one, and promptly gets his caboose stuck....but the next arrow clangs harmlessly away...)


15th Mar 2004, 21:45
Yeah, I got Windows XP and I can't get Thief or the fan missions to play without hanging after a very short while into any game. The fixes you mention don't seem to work for me, and some sound too complicated for a dummy such as I to carry out reliably!

Is it a good idea to get some partitioning software (partition magic, for example) and split my hard drive, install Windows 98 to one partition, and keep XP on the other, and then use dual booting? This way, I assume that if I boot up in Windows 98 I can then install the game and missions with darkloader successfully???????:confused:

15th Mar 2004, 22:14
There aren't really any problems with Windows XP, it's the advancing technology such as hyperthreading(fix here (http://www16.brinkster.com/salvage/thief/darkengine.htm)). There are also some problems with recent nVidia drivers. The more common problems have answers in the TTLG FAQ(linked to earlier).

16th Mar 2004, 08:13
Thanks Salvage, I will attempt those fixes later this evening....I hope I do okay because I am really not computer literate at all!

Shame dummies like me can't just download a cure that sorts this out for us easily!!!

I'll let you know how I get on.....sure miss those fan missions!

16th Mar 2004, 17:07
wippie, I am taffin' like I ain't ever taffed before! Lol, thanks for that first quick fix solution, re-hyperthreading....seems to have cured my problems. I'm a happy girl!