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12th Mar 2004, 23:32
Ack, can't find secret number 3

I found the obivious one in the upstairs bedroom that opens over the bed with a switch at the floor. I found the speed potion in the wine rack.

But where is the last one?? It has that last piece of loot I need. I swear I've torn every room apart as well as the game will let me! lol What have I missed?

13th Mar 2004, 00:33
Double check the cellar.

Here is a detail if you need it. From the wine rack cross the room PAST THE GUARD into the hall, pass the door to the barracks, on the left will be a door to an empty storeroom with some crates in the far left rear.


13th Mar 2004, 00:42
Yeah I got that... it's not a secret though.

Tin Star
13th Mar 2004, 01:00
Look in the armory for a switch under the table that opens a wall panel.

Tin Star

13th Mar 2004, 01:01
1: Trap door with switch in bedroom.

2: Gem hidden in CROSS or side chamber behind crates

3: Potion in wine rack

4: Bonus hidden in fireplace chimney right side as you face it

5: in the armoury at the left under the workbench is a switch that opens a wall panel

13th Mar 2004, 01:08
Yup, I just found the armory switch. I was gonna post that I found it but you beat me to it! lol

Still missing 60 loot though... :confused:

I quintiple checked all the places ya'll told me plus every other room just in case :p heh It's one of those slippery 'little pieces' that you need just the right angle to see.. lol

Aww taff it, I'm going on to Shipping and Receiving. :cool:

13th Mar 2004, 02:45
Rommel - What are you doing, some sort of nostalgia run ? Maybe we should do a Fuddy Duddy Reunion Tour....ah, the good old days, when the board was smaller, in a different place, and people were friendlier and had easier to understand user names. ;) :)

13th Mar 2004, 03:23

Now I'm on S&R... I had forgotten there are 13 secrets!! :eek: I got 12 of them, I'm not sure what the last one is... Isn't there something about the combination lock on the pirate ship?? I couldn't find anything on it... it seems to be connect to my loot count to. At least I noticed it changed after I picked up some loot! lol... ;)