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11th Mar 2004, 02:08
Not sure if this has been asked before, so please forgive me if it has.

Please say that you are going to have the word Taffer used in the game. It's a signature word from the first 2 & it would be a shame if T: DS doesn't have it used.

Faithful Thief fan

van_HellSing PL
11th Mar 2004, 07:18
Actually, null doesn't post on this forum, you will have to try Ion Storm. But yup, it's gonna be there :D. One of the devs even said that the guards will even say something about taffin'... zombies :).

18th Mar 2004, 17:56
what about: "here chicky chicky" and "damn rats" and "it must have been the wind" and "why dont you make ooone little noise so i can find you"

18th Mar 2004, 20:51
How bout, "My hammer awaits thee!!".

19th Mar 2004, 10:24
How about [from a male noble, with a girly voice] "Guards, there are strange men in this room!". :eek:

I hit a guard in the face with a club when he turned around, he said "Yea, like that hurt". Then I repeated clubbing him about 15 more times and he ran away screaming his head off into a mess hall with me chasing him, which is when I heard the noble say that, or at least something very, very silimar to that.

Ahh, the memories...

19th Mar 2004, 10:32
I remember someone or something calling me a 'tricksy boy' or something like that in one of the games. Now it has become part of my daily vocabulary.