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10th Mar 2004, 17:19
I know this might have been brought up. With theif games there is normally a demo. Will you be making one to slack our thirsts on so we can stand to wait for the game or should we take some prosac and try to remain calm?

lol.. sorry if my humor doesn't amuse.

10th Mar 2004, 17:35
Latest word on the subject: there probably will be a demo, but when? No-ones telling :)

14) Will be seeing a Thief 3 demo?? If so, how soon we looking?? (The_Crested_Ones)
Can't comment at all on this one, I'm afraid.

Just making that clear, since it was asked by a few different forum ghosts.

10th Mar 2004, 18:17
Game demos, I find, 'usually' appear about four to six weeks before a game is officially released....so perhaps we might have a sample via a gamers magazine around April or May - give or take a couple of weeks???

10th Mar 2004, 20:28
I only have a month or two left in college, and I was getting worried the release date would encroach on my final year tests, but it looks to be perfectly timed.

I mean I have my priorities, and I know whats important.

I couldnt stop myself from putting all my time into Thief 3 :)

10th Mar 2004, 21:45
Hey Chimpwithalimp, you'd better put off buying Thief DS until AFTER your exams - we don't want you posting up here later and telling us you failed to get a decent grade because you were up all night playing the game!

10th Mar 2004, 22:16
well lets cross our fingers and hope for the sooner the better :)
also just my humble opinion but education is highly over rated.
look at dave thomas (FOUNDER OF WENDY'S).
he made it big time and he dropped out of high school.