View Full Version : crash in fort condor battle

6th Mar 2004, 10:13

okay im out to get the huge materia and had to go battle in fort condor, well the problem is that after a while into the battle, and always when i am placing a new soldier (note that i can place a lot of soldiers before the crash) but the game does not ctd, it more of a just hangs itself, the windows mouse pointer shows itself and then goes to hourglass mode and nothing happens....

what to do+

8th Mar 2004, 05:50
I don't know.....

You can try the game in quarter screen mode...

Or you can try to blitz.....if you can get a icon to the bottom of the screen, you automaticly win.

Shadows Corpse
17th Mar 2004, 18:38
or you have a faked or cracked game so myb there are bugs in it