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Secrets Of Nosgoth
5th Mar 2004, 01:00
IOS has probably learned from DXIW in that TDS will probably be more friendly in adjusting the settings from the get go for people with less than top-notch machines. Obviously that only applies to the PC version. That said the Xbox version will more than likely have better frame-rate than DXIW did for that console based on what Spector said in the gamespy interview.

You are in control of how difficult the game is. You can try to ghost, you can try to kill lots of people, I'm guessing both will be equally difficult. People complain about it being easier than T1&2 to fight guards...odds are running and hiding is still the best option.

There will be lots of dialogue between the guards, I believe it was said that there will be twice as much compared to both previous games combined. This was one of the features of T1 & 2 that just drew me into the atmosphere.

Hammerites are back...who doesn't love these taffers?

Shadows will look much better than before even with the settings turned down. I'm sure we will all be in awe of how beautiful things look when we get to sit down and play it. I know people complained about blue shadows but it won't be that hard to modify the color of the screen, and I'm sure even if they are blue you won't think how stupid it looks.

You are back doing what you do best; stealing, breaking into places and robbing random victims blind. No other game allows you to do this that I'm aware of.

Fear of the unknown. In Thief the first time I saw a zombie I freaked out because I was not expecting them. In Thief II you had gigantic robots and freaky small mechanical babies. I can't wait to see what we find in Deadly Shadows.

The complains I think are minor:
blue shadows
possibility of no water (game can still be fun w/out water I'm sure)
possibility of no rope arrows (hasn't been said they are out for sure have they?)
Third Person Perspective Option (option people don't use it if you don't want to)
knife (same as with the 3rd person, dont' want to kill, don't use it)

Does anybody else want to say something good about the game? I know I'm sick of hearing the complaints.

5th Mar 2004, 05:10
I pretty much agree with you, Nosgoth, although I've heard enough bad things to make me worried. (Rope arrows are definitely out, btw). I think the main thing that concerns people is the mess they made of Deus Ex & whether T3 will be too much like a console port. Both are legitimate conerns but we'll know when the game comes out.

5th Mar 2004, 06:01
Where did they say rope arrows are out? The concept art thats still up on the official page clearly shows Garrett using a rope arrow.



As for the game as a whole, I'm primarily concerned by the name itself and the trailer. I had faith in the development team, then DXIW came out, then I heard the subname was "Deadly Shadows" then I saw the trailer and just cried (Then I watched the original games trailer and felt a little better, then I looked over at my shattered DXIW CD and cryed some more).

Frankly, as long as the gameplay is preserved minor details aren't that important. I'm not going to fuss about having a dagger or anything like that because frankly, I don't plan on using it. Anyone from the original TTLG forums will understand what I mean when I say I plan to play through T3 the "Leia way". No kills, no detections, max loot stolen. Anything else thats there that gets the game out, meh, its for the common masses, so be it, as long as the gameplay and atmosphere themselves are preserved.

I take comfort in knowing that IS knows that if they do to us what they did to the DX fans, rather than have a bunch of whiny cyberpunk fanboys whining on forums, they'll have a hoarde of deranged psychopaths waiting for them in the shadows, sock full of pennies in hand.

5th Mar 2004, 19:58
I too was rather encouraged after reading the other recent DS preview (the one w/o WS). Especially cool sound the things the new physics engine can do.

Someone at the Ion Storm boards asked:
will i be able to push guards off a ledge or something by running behind them/ slammming a big object into them?

i have always wanted to do this in thief 1/2. guards would be up on a high place, standing near a ledge...

it would only take one little nudge ...To which null replied:
Suffice it to say that engineering some spectacular falls is well within your capabilities in T: DS. ;)This of course not being the only thing physics simulation can do for you. I suspect there'll be a ton of fun playing around with it. :cool:

[edit: removed one T:DS :rolleyes:]


5th Mar 2004, 20:03
Yeah, the engine is great, lets just hope they don't get drunk on technology and forget they're supposed to make a fun game with it, true to the original.

5th Mar 2004, 20:08
Fossa, this was supposed to be the thread with which you can restore your hope once more, so put away that negative tone of yours! :D


6th Mar 2004, 03:05
Sorry, I'd just hate WS to mistake cautious optimism for enthusiasm. IMHO there are a lot of things that need to be changed. I may be wrong, the game may be great, but...

6th Mar 2004, 20:59
I'm thinking the physics engine is going to allow for some truly memorable, dynamic moments. Being chased up some stairs? Roll a barrel down and watch the taffers spill over the banisters

Bring it on!

6th Mar 2004, 22:31
I still think I'm going to love this game. But even if its rubbish, Thief 2 still exists, which is almost perfect apart from the graphics. You could play through every T2 fan mission. Then make more of your own!