View Full Version : the curse of Lara Croft!!!

4th Mar 2004, 02:02
Was a sad time!!!
The game?
"Tomb Raider: The last Revelation"
The curse from the fans over "Core Design" for the end of that game was "STRONG" They tried to scape from that curse. "Chronicles" and "The Angel of Darkness" is the proof, but... they can not!!!
Just Crystal Dynamics was our escape!!! Kain and his legacy every year was more Fantastic! The Storyline, the battles!!!!
Are fantastics!!!
Now we are happy to have in their hands our LARA.
Thanks a lot for this very good news!!! Now we are sure Lara going to have life, adventures, skills, action!!!!!
Sorry "Core" But sometimes, the adoption parents use to be better than the parents from blood!!:D

4th Mar 2004, 03:34
I'm not excited about the Crystal Dynamics developing the new game. Sure the Legacy of Kain games are good, but Tomb Raider is very different. I'm not saying that they can't do a good job with the series. I'm just saying that i'm not gonna get excited about it until I actually play the game. They could just as well put out a mediocre Tomb Raider game as make a good one. So i'm not getting my hopes and expectations up too high.

6th Mar 2004, 13:17
I think that we must wait to see what CD is going to do with TR!