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2nd Mar 2004, 21:33
Does anyone know if you can pre-order direct through Eidos or must it be through a games retailer? And what about the likelihood of some free promotional goodies? I'm always game for some freebies in my swag bag so it would be nice to know if there is a 'right place' to order from!

2nd Mar 2004, 21:51
Considering the increasing evidence of a delayed European release, you may want to order it from US/Canada. A lot of Europeans pre-ordered Deus Ex 2 from http://www.dvdboxoffice.com/ and I haven't read anyone encountering too many problems or delays. If you choose the free shipping option it'll probably end up cheaper too. :eek:

2nd Mar 2004, 21:59
Hi GlasWOlf, thanx for your reply....so it's true then, the first mentioned 'Spring' launch has been delayed now to a 'Summer' release? Grrrr, and I was hoping it was just a bad dream. Thanx for the hint about ordering from elsewhere, though I guess I shouldn't expect any freebie promos, sob.

2nd Mar 2004, 22:15
Well it's not official, but thief3.com (US version) and eidos.com both say spring. thief3.com (UK) doesn't mention any release date, and eidos.co.uk says summer. It seems fairly likely. I'm going to wait until it's confirmed first.

I was just looking at the DVDBoxOffice site and the free shipping is 2-3 weeks. Courier shipping (in a couple of days) is an extra $14.99CDN, which works out at just over £6. Think I'll splash out...

2nd Mar 2004, 22:32
Just been browsing and noticed that Amazon UK are taking pre-orders at £26.99...there is also mention of a release date as 26 June - gasp, seems a lifetime!

2nd Mar 2004, 23:30
It wouldn't surprise me if the situation is simply Europe is getting it later then North America, and not that the whole game has been delayed. A lot of games are like that, unless they're developed in Europe itself. Take The Twin Snakes for example. Europe is getting it half a month after North America, and Austrailia doesn't get it until April.

10th Mar 2004, 16:46
well if anyone here reads pcgamer or pczone. They could tell you that pcgamer says it dosent know and pczone says this june i surrgest not to always trust amazon dates but the prices and derlivery is good but you could always steel it off someone or pass the time playing unofficial thief1/2 levels.

freebs dont count on it special deals and offers maybe but you can always dream

10th Mar 2004, 21:52
Well....they had freebies for the Tomb Raider games if you pre-ordered.

I managed to get some jumbo postcards and a special 'letter' from Lara with enclosed documents, again exclusive from Eidos when placing a pre-order for whatever TR game was to be released at the time.

It would be nice if there could be similar merchandise, but I guess it all comes down to the actual popularity/fan base at the end of the day. I mean, gosh...they churned out just about everything for Lara Croft including some tasty collectors resin statues....shame we can't have a little morsel of something to celebrate Garrett. But, yes, I can dream....

18th Mar 2004, 05:44
After pre-ordering Deus Ex: IW and experiencing the sheer crappiness of the game, no amount of pre-order goodies could possibly compel me to fork out money in advance for another IS product.

18th Mar 2004, 11:30
As much I hate to say this I bet that the later release in Europe is a very bad thing. People tend to download the US version so they get to play the game earlier...(the same happened with the NFS: Underground for example)

18th Mar 2004, 20:55
I want a blackjack or a cloak.

6th Apr 2004, 15:06
Hi, can anyone confirm if this is the best deal yet for pre-ordering the game in the UK?

The MX2 website has a price £25.99

Release date is 18th May - OR 42 DAYS TO GO!!!!!

6th Apr 2004, 22:39
I would be hesitant to consider those dates set in stone. More often than not these dates are highly tentative and tend to get pushed back more than once.

Here's hoping though!