View Full Version : stuck in st. aicard's graveyard

2nd Mar 2004, 21:32
I can't figure out how to knock the statue down!!! i have gotten all 4 body upgrades but it still wont let me knock it down. i have played it 4 times and i cant do it. SO PLEASE SOME ONE HELP!!!

2nd Mar 2004, 22:16
You wrote that you have all four body strength upgrades - I must admit that it is some time now since I finished it (on PC, btw) and even then I didn't count the upgrades :o .

BUT what I can recall is that in order to knock down the statue=angel, you must first force open the door of the grave near by, in the same fenced area where the angel is. Only then you should be able to push the angel from behind. It must fall on the grave, in order to smash the slab.

It worked for me, I should be glad if it does for you too. Best of luck ;)

2nd Mar 2004, 22:50
Welcome aboard, hayngirl880, on this your first day on the forum.

By my count, you should have five strength upgrades by the time you reach the statue of the angel.

Parisian Back Streets -- You had to use the crowbar on the roof (Upper Body Level 2) to finish that level.

Derelict Apartments --You had to push the crate (UB3) at the top of the stairs to finish that level.

Industrial Roof Tops -- You had to push the large crate (Lower Body Level 2) to make a jump to finish that level with all the goodies. Although if you missed this upgrade you could have climbed the ladder all the way to the roof and gone across the roof and missed several goodies, but finished the level.

Le Serpent Rouge -- You had to move a crate (Still LB2) to get up to the overhead and you had to kick down the catwalk bridge (LB3) to finish that level.

That's four strength upgrades so far.

If you are in the fenced enclosure with the statue of the angel, but have not pushed open the mausoleum door (UB4) at the other end of the enclosure, that's probably what you are missing.

You could get that last upgrade if you pulled the lever (UB4) in Le Serpent Rouge garage. Did you go through the stage door or the garage door?

You could also get the LB2 upgrade from pushing the stone altar in St. Aicard's Church.

Can you describe the four upgrades that you have gotten? Or can you see from the above what you might have missed?