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2nd Mar 2004, 19:28
Some people are already talking about splinter cell so I don't know if this has been discussed...

In Splinter Cell, there were guards who used dogs on their watch, and the dogs could track you by the smell you left on the ground when you walked by. I thought it was a really cool idea, and wasn't explored nearly well enough (only happened in one place at the very end). Wouldn't it be cool to have something like this in Thief 3? Creatures who can sense your presence even if they can't see you, and you have to resort to other methods to hide, like running into a stream of water, hiking upstream, then coming out in a different place to lose the dogs? Or even creatures who are blind, but have senses of smell or hearing, like the big clawed beak beasts in Half Life?

Not that they can most likely add anything to the game if its release date is approaching I suppose. :)

2nd Mar 2004, 19:40
I achieved this effect once by making the player drop behind a waypoint every so often as they moved, once a monster came into the range of a waypoint, it would attempt to follow up to the next waypoint.

The player wouldn't drop the waypoints in the water, and if there was a big enough gap between waypoints, the monster wouldn't be able to find the next one, give up, and try to find something else to do.

I know it's unlikely, what with the deadline approaching quickly, and so on, but it could be done.

2nd Mar 2004, 19:41
Do you play THIEF? If you just started or don't play, the question you ask makes a little sense. If you do play then you should know that the guards DO SMELL YOU. They just don't react and follow the odor. :D

2nd Mar 2004, 19:47
I think he meant monsters, or whatever.

2nd Mar 2004, 20:11
Do you play THIEF? If you just started or don't play, the question you ask makes a little sense. If you do play then you should know that the guards DO SMELL YOU. They just don't react and follow the odor.

So, you said I was nuts, then turned around and said I was right? Exactly. They "smell you" but they don't do anything about it, because humans can't follow a scent worth crap unless it's really pungeant.

Actually, they don't even "smell you" they just have an NPC bark that they do at random when the game detects the guard is within a radius of Garret. It's the same thing as all the whistling and muttering they do, it just happens only when they are closer to you. As far as I can tell, the guards do not go into a heightened state of alertness when they pass by you and "smell you."

Dogs and creatures, however, have been used in hunting and guard duty pretty much since they were first domesticated by the ancient stone-eating Neanderthals that lived in the tin cans left by the T-Rexes when they were done with their primordial Cambell's soup. So I think it'd be cool to have guard dogs or guard monsters (guard-Burricks?) in T3. (oh wait Burricks don't have a sense of smell, or they'd be dead.)

2nd Mar 2004, 20:23
I did not even come close to saying you were "NUTS".

True, the AI in THIEF cannot follow a Scent trail ala bloodhounds. But if the smell is strong enough for them to catch a few feet away, and if the intruder is known to traverse sewers to gain access or hide, then they could respond and search.

As for the rest of your post (no flame here) tell us something we don't know. Most us over the age of 5 know that animals have heightened senses.

In THIEF, zombies, and some of the other critters can sense your presence, and do react with an alert if not a search. In most cases it is sound. Slight to you but quite detectable to them.

Now, I just told you something you already know. :D

2nd Mar 2004, 20:57
it's a nifty idea to implement. but with that you'd have to make the player aware of their body odor.....


you know what i mean.

in theory it should be easy to implement in future games. when all ya need is some witty remark or icon showing a dead fish with fumes popping up to inform the player to do whatever's required to get the smell off.

3rd Mar 2004, 02:14
No, no need for an alert system - I don't think humans would realistically react to a funky odor they smelled in a hallway, especially not during the Thief period in history. (that's why they had guards just randomly say "what's that smell" if you were close and not go chasing you.)

Dogs and such can track you even if you are perfectly clean. Heck if you're clean it's easier, because they can smell the soap you use and that's a pretty distinctive odor. I'd be interested in seeing a situation like this:

You're infiltrating a castle. You get in the big outer wall using your Climbing Gloves (hyuk hyuk), look around, and dart across a street into an alley to hide and scope out the guards. A guard passes, oh crap he has a dog with him! The dog sniffs the ground right exactly where you came over the wall, and barks, making the guards more alert, then starts to sniffle around the ground towards your alley. Your mind races, where do I go, so you look up and see a window in a guard tower. You pull out your rope arrows and make the climb, blackjacking the guard in the tower just before he turns around. Looking back down at the ground, the dog is barking madly at a trash can that was close to you when you climbed up, and the guard says "Stupid dog! No biscuit!" and walks back to his route.

You then pull out your hover-board that Marty McFly gave you when he visited Thief 1 in a different timeline, and surf across the rooftops just like in Tony Hawk's, doing all kinds of grinds and half-pipes to reach the treasure room, which contains the nude patch for Tomb Raider.

Now wouldn't that be cool? Well, except for that hoverboard part maybe.

3rd Mar 2004, 08:19
Sounds like you're ready to mod it :D

3rd Mar 2004, 18:00
What's that smell, old meat?

7th Mar 2004, 00:50
Well, if they can smell garrett, then I think its only fair that the player be enabled to smell what's going on too! :D
Granted it would require a new piece of gamer equipment, but think of the immersion factor people!!
If I could smell the zombie before I walk up on it, or the sweaty guardsmen, I would find it way more easy to make my way about the game. Likewise I could smell when Garrett himself needed a bath and make sure he took a bath, or smell the prison I break into for immersive realism. Smell a Burrick. As it is, Garrett is like a man with his nose cut off--and so is the gamer. Going around minus this sense is like being partially blind. Taste doesn't seem to be a factor, and touch is made up for by the buttons that perform many different touch and movement functions. We can see and hear fine in the game, though a viewer visor and gloves for the player would be more immersive. The only main one left is smell.

7th Mar 2004, 00:55
posted by grafixmonkey
(that's why they had guards just randomly say "what's that smell" if you were close and not go chasing you.)

posted by Lake
What's that smell, old meat?

I thought that was a game tipoff that there was a zombie/haunt area nearby in the level...