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2nd Mar 2004, 16:35
Honestly I dont think the WCGs are going to be as retarded as they may sound. When I think about scaling walls I think about Tomb Raider, how Lara could only climb ridged and vined surfaces. I really dont think these gloves are going to be a magical device that allows Garrett to stick like spiderman to a wall or a ceiling. I think its just going to aid in getting a better grip, like Chalk and Boxing Tape to a rockclimber. As for being an experienced Rock Climber myself I can tell you that Climbing Stone walls is relatively easy. Ive climbed many Stone walls in my time, for example: in my younger days at WMU I free climbed a 30 foot stone wall at our Campus's Library to get to the roof, and doing so makes it completely believeable that Garrett can do it. Out in SoCal there is a prime rockclimbing spot called Half Dome. There are parts of this climb that are almost completely Sheer Rock, with very very little imperfections. Now if youve ever seen people climb these sort of obstacles you will definitely know that Climbing Medieval Stone wall constructions is as easy as walking down the road for an experienced climber. I even recall playing T2 and thinking, WTF do I need a Rope Arrow, Ive got a stone wall right in front of me. The only thing I really have to knock about the Wall Climbing Gloves is that they arent even needed, Ive never used gloves to help me climb. So before you starting whining about the realistic nature of scaling walls, talk to someone who does it for a living.

van_HellSing PL
2nd Mar 2004, 16:44
Yup, I agree with most of what you said. The gloves are something I won't rant about untill I see it in the game ;), as opposed to some of the other ideas "made in Ion Storm".

2nd Mar 2004, 18:34
for the time being, they're not retarded. but actually a cool concept. i can easily see them working. but would be much happier if they didn't replace the rope arrows. using one for certain areas and the other for other areas, i think, could've been done easily if enough thought was put into it. i still think a level made of forest that forces ya to stay in the trees and hope from one trunk to another to get to the objective would've been sweet.

however, the WCG can come off as retarded if they're not implemented right, can be abused, replace other things (like ladders, and vines/ropes in general without the need for an arrow), and overall appear to be a gimmick that easily shows uninteresting level design.

there are enough changes and additions (from the sounds of it) than subtractions to the game which allows me to put some faith into the WCG and T3 overall. but not a whole lot. i'm playing this one safe till the game's release. forget the demo.

2nd Mar 2004, 18:47
Personally I found the idea of "rope arrows" to be a lot more unrealistic than wall climbing. Maybe this will make hiding from guards a little more realistic? Shimmy up to the rafters if you see one coming down a hall with no doors, instead of finding a spot in the narrow hall where they walk closer to one side, and letting them pass 6 inches from your nose, miraculously not seeing you? And hey, maybe it will add some need to intimately know Garret's abilities to avoid detection. I can see Garrett climbing up some rough stone, then taking another step and "SSCRAAAAAAPE" his wall climbing gloves scratch metal on stone because it's too smooth up higher. They might even be able to use bump mapping textures as a part of gameplay instead of just a nifty effect.

2nd Mar 2004, 22:42


3rd Mar 2004, 13:46
Agreed! The gloves are much cooler and more realistic than the rope arrows... although the arrows were incredibly fun, they were unrealistic and I think these gloves are much better.

4th Mar 2004, 00:42
I actually like the Rope Arrows.

Some of the most exciting times during my game play in Theif 1 and 2 were hanging from the ceilings in buildings and churches etc. while the guards walked under me.

Also it looked cool the way it pierced through the wooden beems and you could retrieve it if you wanted to.Although sometimes I ended up crashing to the floor and killing myself after hearing Garretts scream which made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck lol.

God I love this game,no game has ever gave me such a sense of immersion and fear and being alone in the dark as this game has.


4th Mar 2004, 19:07
Personally i think that the WCG will be really neat. The only concern is that it puts a bit of stress on the level designers since its going to be easier to move around the maps. But it should definitly add more interesting options for entry and possibly make scouting out the maps fully more rewarding.

4th Mar 2004, 19:19
Do we have any confirmation - from null or one of the other devs who is talking - that the gloves will (a) work on all vertical surfaces or (b) have fairly limited applicability, like rope arrows?

4th Mar 2004, 19:43
I believe that the CGs are limited to brick or plant growth etc. He's not likely to be able to climb on any flat surfaces such as concrete or wooden boards. I think he climbed using a plant growth in the trailer.

5th Mar 2004, 03:55
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Dude. Its interchangable.

5th Mar 2004, 23:23
Yeah, seems like some people can't handle choices..I for my part, insist on having them.:p