View Full Version : the secrets are shown

2nd Mar 2004, 09:00
well, i found this in Defiance: Kain's Arcane Tomes: map of Nosgoth.
what could it mean..?

2nd Mar 2004, 09:12
Strange, in the real map from BO, there isnt something secret there, only tress.
Maybe its just a joke.

2nd Mar 2004, 14:11
i think he means the translation of the runes is the secret not where the message is written, or did you already think that?? :)


2nd Mar 2004, 16:26
It's "All secrets are shown" not "The secrets are shown".
Sorry for the nitpicking.

3rd Mar 2004, 07:13
you're right! sorry :) after i translated the other lines i was so happy about it that i didn't translate the other :)

3rd Mar 2004, 08:09
Maybe it's a secret?

3rd Mar 2004, 08:15
i've looked at it for a couple of minutes and i noticed this:
in the upper left corner, there is some sort of serpent, barely visible. the tail can easily be seen but the body can't...hmmm ... could it be the ouroborous?

3rd Mar 2004, 09:00
Highly unlikely since if it is, then the tail wouldn't be visible, since an ouroboros eats its' tail. And the abgle of the tail makes it look like it's turning away from the mouth.

After looking at the WHOLE map it in fact is not. It's two gargoylish creatures on the sides of the title. Akthough I thought I had hosted the cout out of the section in question, my host site has decided it doesn't want to play nice. I'll try to get it up as soon as I can.

3rd Mar 2004, 18:02
it would have been nice if it had been an ouroborous that doesn't eat its tail, to mean that raziel would escape his circular destiny, thus return

3rd Mar 2004, 22:47
Ummm, escaping his destiny in the blade would be a contradiction of the Ouroboros. Since the concept of the ouroboros is a continuity and neverending cycle.