View Full Version : i m confused again:about Moebius

al the darkness
2nd Mar 2004, 05:47
Moebius can see through time
he can see his death at Kain's hand
he can see his resurrection after that?
he can see his death again after resurrection?
i guess not...then could he really see through time after such failure...
elder god sure can see through time for he is every where...he know that kain will come to fight him?and Raziel will sacrafice?

2nd Mar 2004, 08:48
maybe ur right
but when kain's heart was torn and everybody thought he was dead even the elder god , something changed
also raziel told the elder that something has cahnged because he didnt foresee kain's return
so maybe the death and return of kain was an alternating timeline that not even the elder or mobiues can see

2nd Mar 2004, 14:19
raz had free will, right. he was the only creature in nosgoth that was resurrected without having to go through the elder god's wheel of fate nonsense. now for kain, it seems as though he died after the heart was ripped from his chest (i did say seems, i can't gurantee it), then he was "resurrected" when the spirit forge was awoken, or whatever you want to call it.

raziel could not be seen in the streams of time and perhaps because of what happened to kain, he now has free will. so moebius perhaps couldn't see kain in the streams of time also, IMO anyway.


3rd Mar 2004, 11:23
Kain was sustained by the pillar of balance and because he is the scion of balance.

But perhaps Moebious and the Elder God didn't foresee Kain's return:

1. because he died and now has free will

or 2. (which I like more) is that Mobious and the Elder God can only see the Nosgothic timeline and therefore because Kain was sent into the demon realm then they couldn't see whether he was a live or dead and there fore exempt from the wheel of fate and the timeline for a certain period.


4th Mar 2004, 21:10
According to Moebius, Raziel was never able to be seen in the timestream.

6th Mar 2004, 14:10
What I don't get is why didn't the Elder god know that Kain wasn't dead cos he wouldn't be able to put his soul to the wheel of fate.

7th Mar 2004, 05:07
Maybe the Scion isn't visible to EG anyways, so when Kain died, he no longer could see him, and just assumed Kain wasn't doing anything :)

The Necronoir
8th Mar 2004, 04:34
Moebius confesses to Kain that they can only see the ripples created by Raziel's choices. So when they're intently watching Kain in close proximity with these ripples (ie fighting), which probably partially occludes their nromal vision of Kain as well, and he suddenly ceases to be an active player, and in fact can't be seen at all (being pushed into the demon dimension) they conclude that he must be dead, and simply don't bother nor have the inclination to search all the various dimensions and places he could have been sent to.

What Moebius says of Kain, that his assurance in his cause has made him witless (or to that effect), is in fact a better reflection on himself and the Elder God. They're too well assured of their own infallibility.

8th Mar 2004, 05:21
Yeah, I interpreted their "omniscience" as something they had to do themselves, and it wasn't a "sixth sense". Something like they didn't have an internal alert system that alerted them to Kain. They had to be actually looking at/for him to see him in the timestream. but once they thought he had died, they no longer watched him.

But my question is, if the Demon Dimension offered Kain a sort of duck blind, then how would moebius beable to see the Hylden? I assume he would know of them from what he learned as a child growing up to be a guardian, how could he see them if they couldn't see Kain?