View Full Version : Xbox Controlls?

2nd Mar 2004, 03:05
Do you think the controls for the Xbox will be customizable? I mean if you want like the right joystick to be used for looking and turning while the left stick is used for moving and strafing, can it be customized to suit the players need? I sure do hope so b\c you were able to customize your controls on the PC versions of Thief.

2nd Mar 2004, 04:13
i would guess it's possible....although it's not complete customization from what i know about consoles. what they usually do (with memories from the genesis days and minimal experience with the PS2), a variety of button layouts are provided. but ya can't always put action A with button A.

that's my guess though.

2nd Mar 2004, 19:35
There's no good reason not to have customizable controls. I imagine Thief 3 would borrow from Halo because it had good controls for looking in first person. Maybe it would borrow from splinter cell if it's going to be 3rd person. In Halo you could choose from several preset configurations, which I thought was annoying but probably done so that new people to a multiplayer game would not be able to take forever to set up their controls while the other three people waited. I've seen plenty of games going all the way back to SNES where you had a list of game actions and you just flipped from action to action and pressed the button you wanted to use for it, having full flexibility to choose controls. As far as thumbsticks, really there are only a few ways you would use two thumbsticks to move around. One will almost always be for moving, the other for looking, with vertical axis possibly inverted. The one for moving might use its left/right for turning instead of strafing, but there can't be more than five or six different ways to configure thumbpads.