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1st Mar 2004, 20:04
A lot of threads have already been made on this subject, but i was just reading a LOK plot page on gamefaqs and another question popped in my head. The Hylden Lord (Hash) that posseses Mortanius in BO and Janos in LOK: D is he the same Hylden as The Sarafan Lord from BO2 or are these two different Hylden. I'm sorry for asking this question but this is the one ( Hash/Hylden lord related) thing i don't understand. So if someone would go over the trouble of awnsering this question for me i will never ever ask something about this subject again.

pretty please with sugar on top :)

1st Mar 2004, 20:57

1st Mar 2004, 21:01
What do you mean by yes? They are the one and the same or they are two different hylden.

1st Mar 2004, 21:04
The Unspoken, the Dark Entity, the Hylden Lord and the Sarafan Lord are all the same Hylden.

1st Mar 2004, 21:18
hard 2 kill hehe:D keeps comming back

1st Mar 2004, 21:20
Thanks :) but how was it possible that kain kills the Sarafan lord quite easy when Raziel (at this moment i think more powerfull than BO2 Kain) was defeated by the Hylden Lord.

1st Mar 2004, 21:26
He kind of let the Hylden Lord defeat him, because he didn't want to kill Janos.

2nd Mar 2004, 06:34
Originally posted by AndaPanda
He kind of let the Hylden Lord defeat him, because he didn't want to kill Janos.

^^ What AndaPanda said ^^ ;)

Raz showed compassion after his fight with Janos, which ended up being his downfall. The Hylden Lord took advantage of this, and thus defeated Raziel.

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2nd Mar 2004, 08:59
Not to mention Kain had the Nexus Stone, and once HL was freed he was probably on an adrenaline high or berserker Rage. Besides, Raziel DID defeat HL, but in his moment of weakness, HL was able to come back and sucker punch Raziel to escape.