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1st Mar 2004, 18:53
I am afraid there will be lots of weird level designs in T3. Like how the otherways exellent design of the level in T1, where you were to take some guys sword, was ruined by psycadelic tunnels and weird rooms.

Anyone else who fears this as much as I do? Or du you all think T3 should be more like a shooter?

I personally highly apriciated stalking, sneaking and using rope-arrow and waterarrows and moss-arrows in trying to be silent, hidden and taking guards out by whit and dumping them in water to hear them drown. All to avoid being hunted by a pack of guards.

I also fear T3 will loose much of these qualities.
I am interested in what other fans think.

Please forgive spelling errors, english is not my native toungue. :)

1st Mar 2004, 19:00
dumping them in water to hear them drown.

I'll miss that :( , I must have dumped at least 20 guards into the water in the mission in T2 where you have to get back to your house in the City. :D

1st Mar 2004, 19:23
Actually, I think the psychedelic design of Constantine's house in T1 was some foreshadowing of what was to come. I mean, he DID turn out to be the Trickster, after all. :)

1st Mar 2004, 22:17
I thought The Sword to be one of the most clever levels in TDP. The mansion was so cool, simply put. :P


2nd Mar 2004, 10:37
Originally posted by TMoo
I am afraid there will be lots of weird level designs in T3. Like how the otherways exellent design of the level in T1, where you were to take some guys sword, was ruined by psycadelic tunnels and weird rooms.

How does one even begin to respond to this?

2nd Mar 2004, 14:58
i gotta agree. the screenshots and those promo vids (or whatever they were) at gamespot a few weeks back did look nice, but too dang flat. granted it was only a small portion of the city, but it felt like the city was bulldozed and then rebuilt just to keep the shops from requiring handicap ramps or something.

then there's my belief concerning the WCG. don't feel i need to emphasize on this again.

i would like to see some screens from a rooftop or something. or a hill, or a grassy knoll or something. and now that Tmoo mentioned it, the level design isn't striking me as a game highlight so far.

15th Mar 2004, 17:06
I sortof ment that I liked the feeling of a realistic enviroment. The drowning of ppl is sick, but if you try it, it should work.
It adds to the freedom of gameplay and makes it worth a second do-over of the level. To find different methods of attack.

The "weird"-bit was that these tunnels and such was located inside this man's mansion. Like the mansion was built arround the tunnels, not like the tunnels had invaded on the mansion.

I do agree that it's probably one of the best levels ever made eventhough i hate the tunnels.

15th Mar 2004, 21:01
do what i did play thief 1 again get to the 2nd level with the hammerites where you enter via the mines ok now what i did was to get out of a fight i would let a hammerite see me run after me i would go back int the mines and to the water and well they can't swim but they do walk under water so if you keep them in there they down them selfs alive....mwha! have fun

16th Mar 2004, 19:34
Originally posted by Azal
How does one even begin to respond to this?

Move along. Nothing to see here.

18th Mar 2004, 17:48
lol well said

Captain Mainwaring
18th Mar 2004, 18:24
You know what, why don't we ALL-STOP-WHI-NING-A-BOUT-THIEF-3:mad:

18th Mar 2004, 18:47
yeah what he said you should all be ashamed of yourselfs im sick to death of ppl whinning about T3 and how bad it is look on the bright side ppl the glass is half full not half empty.

when you do something wrong it is noticed and you are condemed. when youve done it just right ppl think youve done nothing at all. think about it.

for instance the AI of gaurds is amazing and is never been done in a game. if you dont know what im going on about it is that when you change the envioment (steel some loot, leave blood on the floor, leave a door open etc) a smart guard will notice. if a pesant sees you they will run to the nearest gaurd to show them where they saw you. there are also different levels of searches and alertness. there is more variety of speach depending on the situation.
that was only one topic that has improved and ppl should stop whinning about ppl whinning or we will get trapped in a loop hole

18th Mar 2004, 19:49
I once chucked an unconscious guard in the water in an Expert level game in Thief2, where you can't kill anyone...

2 minutes later, down the hall, I saved the game. Then 30 seconds after that save I knocked someone out, and it said "Game Over! You can't kill anyone!"

I thought, WTF, a bug? So I tried again - same thing. Loaded again, didnt knock him out... "Game Over! Can't kill anyone!"

... Then I finally realized that guard I'd chucked in the water was drowning, over and over again, in perfect sync with me hitting this other guard with a blackjack. My game became a speed potion race to get back to the water I'd dumped him in and pull him out before he drowned.

Where exactly is the announcement that says there will be no water in Thief 3? I can't for the life of me figure out why they would do this, it doesn't make any sense! I'm wondering if maybe someone misread it, and the idea is somehow propagating through a forums version of the "Telephone" game. Are they placing Thief in a world without water, in a natural state of drought? Or what?
EDIT: Found it, never mind...

19th Mar 2004, 11:42
Originally posted by grafixmonkey
[B]I once chucked an unconscious guard in the water in an Expert level game in Thief2, where you can't kill anyone...

I LOLed at your story.

19th Mar 2004, 19:10
Personally, I think that that level in that crypt early on in Thief1... (forget the name...) had the best design in places. (All the burricks really got on my tits though...) Just felt kinda different. Same with the Thief2 missions in that Collector guy's house and that Lich tomb in the FM legacy of Calendra, simply because they all offer some variety and some pretty classic traps, secret doors and devices. I also though Constantine's mansion was extremely overdone and a bit lame.

19th Mar 2004, 21:53
I also thought that the grave-robbing levels were some of the most fun. You can do all kinds of fun traps and crazy designs in an ancient tomb, and have them look natural. Can't do that in someone's mansion in town... all their guards would be dead!

Plus the ghosts and undead were far, far creepier than the living guards. Though the zombies pissed me off, because the only way to get rid of one was to burn a whole holy water potion, or use a fire arrow and wake up the whole darn level.

In those levels, I just tried to get as many zombies as possible to follow me, ran around them to get them all into a clump, and used the area damage on the fire arrows to blow 'em all up at once.

It was also fun to get a zombie to follow you into a fireball trap. That made pretty short work of them too. But you couldn't always get them to a fireball trap.