View Full Version : What reaver powers are represented by the balance emblem?

1st Mar 2004, 16:48
I cannot figure out what the various reaver "powers" are for the balance emblem. Would someone please explain what each emblem piece is for?

1st Mar 2004, 17:13
Let's see...

Balance Emblem - spell: area damage

Fire Emblem - spell: enemies attack each other (BO1's inspire hate)

Dimension Emblem - spell: Kain deals a quick blow to each enemy

Lightning Emblem - spell: Lightning damage all-round (not sure abou that one though)

Time Emblem - spell: Slows time for everyone 'cept Kain himself.

Kain's Right-Hand Man
1st Mar 2004, 19:15
The pieces are supposed to represent Conflict(Flame),Dimension,Energy(Ligthning) and Time