View Full Version : Ballers SD

1st Mar 2004, 11:46
Where can I find in the game Ballers Supressed?
Or they can't be found without the cheat?

1st Mar 2004, 12:41
I got them after completing the first level with Silent Assassin rating..... Apparently you can get them in any level where you get the SA rating.... ;)

19th Mar 2004, 22:09
The first level is very easy to get SA on.

Just enter the door where the guard comes out to piss (sneak past), follow the wall to the right. The delivery boy doesn't view you as an intruder. Walk down into the basement and up to the kitchen. Go up the stairs and out on the balcony. Move to the left and walk on the narrow catwalk running on the outside wall and go to the roof. Run inside the main man's room and wait for him. Strangle him and take his key and gun, wait for the two buds by the pool down below to move inside, drag the boss onto the roof (facing the side where you begin the mission), go back the catwalk, drop down on the grass, go down into the basement and open the door. Get back out, and either wait until the earlier pissing guard walks past the basement stairs and then run, or run into the garage, check the keyhole to see when he passes by, run through the door where you came in and out to freedom.

21st Mar 2004, 15:20
I won the game third time now, and I played missions without killing anyone who isn't a target (well, not all missions). After first rating of Silent Assassin I got Ballers SD, and after second Sawn-off shootgun.

21st Mar 2004, 16:41
They can be quite nice for taking out guys silently and swiftly. Though they hurl them quite some distance away, possibly attracting the attention of others. :)