View Full Version : Available for Linux?

Aaron Holmgren
1st Mar 2004, 08:58
I've tried to find out what OS's this game runs on by going to online retailers, but they don't seem to have any specifications. It would be good to know this information before I try and buy the game. Does anybody know what OS's this game is available on?

1st Mar 2004, 10:33
It would be safe to assume Windows. Linux is unlikely, because the market for Linux gamers is very small at the moment. Give it three or four years though...

Aaron Holmgren
1st Mar 2004, 10:46
Well, I can't wait that long, but if that is true and they don't release a Linux binary version, I'm sure TransGaming Technologies will make sure the windows version can be run under Linux once the game is released to the public.

1st Mar 2004, 12:58
try using the wineX. i have hade great success in the past running stuff with it. i dont remember the url, but winehq.com should have a link. it resolves alot of stuff the direct stuff the regular wine cant handle.

1st Mar 2004, 18:54
The Linux gaming community is a lot larger than you think. Unreal Tournament 2003 was Linux ready right out of the box, and UT 2004 will be, too. So is Quake 3 Arena, Tribes 2, and a lot of other games. Eidos would be well advised to ship a Linux version and not alienate themselves from the Linux community.

4th Mar 2004, 01:56
Between OS X and Linux I bet there is a 30% larger market, and that market is getting larger and the windows only market is shrinking, why not make games work for all three operating systems on one cd? Why can't game makers hire some OS X/Linux programmers?