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29th Feb 2004, 21:10
Last week i bought BO and BO2 (pc). I just finished BO2 and i am now playing BO. One thing that i immediately loved about BO is the music. That panflute, or whatever it is, sounds very nice and mysterious. i really hope they are gone use some of this BO music in the 6th LOK game. Do any of you guys/girls have some preferences about music in the 6th game?

Ps. I really liked BO2. Sure maybe not the best LOK game but it was pretty awesome. Really liked kain's outfits.

LOK kain is the greatest
29th Feb 2004, 22:59
Yeah i agree with you on both points and luckaly i have some of the music from BO thanks to Blinc and his site. and i like BO2 too. i play that alotmore that SR or SR2 as i find SR2 too easy and SR just too anoying. don't get me wrong i love the game and would never part with it but i really have to be in the mood to sit down and play it. BO2 i never get bored of chopping there heads of of Imolating them MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


al the darkness
1st Mar 2004, 00:51
in fact...i hope them to write some NEW music which is the same style in the 6th LOK...

1st Mar 2004, 14:57
It sure had awesome music.

Bo1 was/is the best!

ANd man SR2 has such beatifull graphics on PS2 amazin!