View Full Version : Possible Reaver Enhancements

29th Feb 2004, 20:30
Did anyone ever wonder about mayb makin more reaver powers for Kain?? Well if ya did nows ur chance...

I'd luv 2 hear other ppls suggestions of future enhancements however ther r 1 or 2 rules I want ppl 2 stick 2...

1. Base your enhancements on the pillars such as time, states, dimension; no fire, wind or water plz!!!

2. Don't b sneaky an copy Raziels powers over to Kains reaver.

3. Only 1 power per pillar, no multitude of special abilities

4. B as inventive as possible coz if this works it'l b 1 entertainin array of magics an mayhem

1st Mar 2004, 10:56
If you look in the debug menu (http://www.thelostworlds.net/Defiance-DebugMenu.HTML) or the SLUS file, you'll see that Kain's Fire Reaver was actually called the Conflict Reaver (It's spell was even inspire hate, which had the conflict symbol when it was in BO1) and the Lightning Reaver was actually the Energy Reaver. I wonder why they changed the names for the dialogue. Oh yeah, and in the Fire forge, Raziel says that Conflict and Nature were attuned to the element of Fire, so that explains it in part. So that leaves four more for the next game. I also think that he should get to keep the Spirit Reaver, but maybe it would have to drain his TK meter as well as the regular meter or something (except near the end of the game), because it might make him too powerfull otherwise.