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29th Feb 2004, 17:59
The game was too easy?
You can HARDLY die fighting normal enemies. (Bosses are a little bit harder).
Or maybe it just me, since before Defiance I finished Devil may Cry in DMD ...

It's an obssession
29th Feb 2004, 18:57
The game WAS easy.... maybe it's about just how good a person is. How long did it take you? Maybe you're just really good at games. That's my theory. :)

29th Feb 2004, 20:33
Hrmmm, time?
5 days.
But I dont think its about time.
I mean, you can have no difficulty in the game, but play chapter per week.

It's an obssession
1st Mar 2004, 21:04
Hmmm, good point. Well, I'm out of ideas, then! :D

1st Mar 2004, 21:14
darn i got the game under 2 days and i didnt rush or any thing the fighting is darn easy even the bosses are slow
the thing that held me up most was

when u try to escape from the squid in the first raziel lvl when the mist comes up i didnt c the ramp


2nd Mar 2004, 09:02
LOL :)
Ya, the hardest parts in the game were the platforms puzzles.
I guess its because the camera style. (not that I complaining, I loved the camera.)

2nd Mar 2004, 13:45
@ start i god ticked but now i can c more things

2nd Mar 2004, 19:01
to easy maybe but it is more of a story based game, take the end os sr2 you get the reaver and become invinceable.

2nd Mar 2004, 19:09
yup but what a end it is

2nd Mar 2004, 19:14
Yes, I think so too.
When I think about it, the thing that gave me the need to continue to play is to unfold the storyline and get answer for old questions.
Which is kinda sad I guess. The story was the main part and not the game :/

2nd Mar 2004, 19:25
the story makes the game nice graphix is a bonus point not the reasen 2 buy a game