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ChillY BillY
29th Feb 2004, 10:56
Hey all,

Can someone tell me the difference between thief:TDP and thief Gold? I'd like to know as ive only played thief 2, and i'd like to play the original before i play the third.

Also, does anyone have any ideas where i could pick up a copy of the original? Are there any websites i could look at to help me?

Any help is greatly appreciated. :)

29th Feb 2004, 14:05
I only have Thief Gold, but I think there are better cutscenes and a few more levels.... but I'm not sure.

29th Feb 2004, 14:43
The Dark Project is the original Thief.
Thief Gold adds 3 new levels integrated between the original missions, along with some new enemies/guards/creatures.

I've never played Thief Gold, but I loved TDP.
In fact, I enjoyed TDP more than T2, I think it had a darker, more medieval kind of feel. And you don't come across Karra's 'children'.

But don't ask me where to get it....:confused:

29th Feb 2004, 16:49
Try ebay...

5th Mar 2004, 06:09
2 of the three levels added in the gold version REALLY add to the story line, one was just a serious challenge for the hardcore stealth fans. Still, all three really added to the game. Since at this point you can get a bundle pack of thief gold and thief 2 in the bargain bin its absolutly worth it.

The original thief was great as was thief 2, but the two together are even better when you recognize the contrast of an abundance of chaos and an abundance of order. I'm hopeful the third really ties things together and completes them. Keeper centered plot? Anyone else feel an abundance of balance coming on? (Think about it).

5th Mar 2004, 07:01
For your gen. info...the bundle pack that came out a few months ago was Thief I and Thief II...not the Gold version. Thief Gold contained the patch that was offered later on for TI that made some fixes and better texturing besides the three added levels plus the side new area called "Little Big something" sorry can't remember exactly.

Anyway, I don't believe there will be much of a tie-in to the first two games as was expressed in various interviews, etc. That's why they named it like they did and didn't want to use 3 in the title to further the idea of not being another episode of the first two :( Ta and Good Hunting!

Tin Star
5th Mar 2004, 10:06
That area was called "little big land" if I remember right.

Tin Star