View Full Version : Abandoned Mech FM's?

John D.
29th Feb 2004, 10:35
I've slowed down a little on dromed right now to enjoy time off, but I'm still working a little bit on my next FM here and there. I was wondering if any authors had some missions they had abandoned (especially those Mechanist oriented) that I could get my hands on to help give me inspiration.:)

29th Feb 2004, 19:01
well if things don't start workin right with my fm i'll let you take it.
it's called tag your it.
basically you will just follow the dang servents arround and listen to what they say and hope like crazy that the armored bots don't see you before you hear what is going on.
the level will only features so far only 2 guards they won't attack on site.
they are just guarding the nobel person you need to kill.
which you will find out through following the servents and not being seen by the armored bots.
it's a very complex peice.
i know it sounds boring but it won't be.
if i do it right.
there will be about 15 mechanists in this but they are not really important just there for feel.