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28th Feb 2004, 17:54
Hey everyone, i just brought LOKD and i'm having trouble with cinematics and combat. I have 300 ram, 256 mb graphics card, 1/4 ghz pentium processor and windows me. The cinematics r just balcs and the shade changes slightly. During combat random colours flash when i make strikes with my characters. Its making the game un playable, any suggestions as 2 what i could do?

28th Feb 2004, 18:22
Here ya go: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=34099

Later! :D

28th Feb 2004, 18:26
I've tried looking through that thread, i don't have a V........ whatever it is in my menu on the regeddit menu

28th Feb 2004, 19:23
You may want to try the new "Compatibility Mode" provided in the European PC release, as well as the North American unofficial 1.1 patch. To turn on this mode, you need to run the "Setup" feature for Defiance. This is usually located at:

------Legacy of Kain - Defiance

Once started, you should get a dialog screen that looks similar to this:


Make sure the "Compatibility mode" option is checked, then click "OK".

Play Defiance, and see if that helps.

Later! :D