View Full Version : PC Gamer Omits Thief

28th Feb 2004, 05:22
I got the latest PC Gamer today. It was supposed to have included a full preview of T3 (according to the previous issue) but instead contained nothing about Thief at all. Very disappointing!

Possibly this means that the game's release has been pushed back.

28th Feb 2004, 06:22
Wait- you already have the Apirl issue? Because it isn't even March yet.

Does your issue have the new Star Wars game on the front?

29th Feb 2004, 02:30
Hi Tealsmith--Alas, this is the right issue. It has Warhammer on the cover & nothing at all about Thief inside. The date on most magazines indicates the date they should be removed from store shelves. So an April issue will come out in March & be taken down in April.

29th Feb 2004, 05:24
Damn the manfools at PC Gamer! Me wants my sneaksie thiefsie!

29th Feb 2004, 18:23
this is exactly the reason why the only magazine i read anymore is playboy.
i have never seen anything in playboy that upset me.:D