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Sc!0n 0f B@l@nc3
28th Feb 2004, 03:06
Vorador is not yet killed during that time, cause during that time Kain doesn't use the time streaming device.

The only thing that I'm confused is that, How come Kain and Janos Audron met in Blood Omen 2 or what ever that part is. It is the Part of Legacy of Kain where Kain killed the Serafan Lord in the end (I also like that part when he killed Uma :D ). The confusing part is that how come Kain and Janos Audron met while in that part Kain does not uses the time streaming device. Back in defiance, Mortanius told Raziel that Kain was made by using the heart of darkness, so if the heart of darkness was used to create Kain how come that they've met and how come Janos Audron was still there in Soul Reaver 1 when in Blood Omen 2 (the story before soul reaver 1) the serafan lord already throwed Janos in the abbys, how did he get out of there (in this parts time streaming is not yet used)? :(

al the darkness
28th Feb 2004, 03:33
but i come up one thing...
kain has heart of darkness in BO2
Janos also have heart of darkness in BO2
so when they meet....shouldn't there be a paradox created?

28th Feb 2004, 08:39
I only just managed to make out your post. Here are some key facts that might help you.

- The Kain in BO2 is a younger Kain not the one in SR, SR2 and Defiance.
- In BO2, Janos' heart is the one Raziel ripped out of the Elder Kain.
- Kain's heart in BO2, is the one Mortanius used to resurrect him.
- Janos was not in Soul Reaver
- The Sarafan Lord threw Janos into the Hylden Gate not the Abyss
- Janos is never seen again after BO2 (so far)

Here's the series of events

- Janos is killed by the Sarafan; his heart is ripped out
- His heart is taken to Avernus
- Mortanius uses the Heart to resurrect Kain
- Centuries later, Kain and Raziel go back in time
- Kain keeps the heart until Raziel rips it out of him
- Raziel uses the Heart to resurrect Janos
- Janos is possessed by the Hylden/Sarafan Lord and taken to the Device
- A younger Kain frees Janos from the Device.
- The younger Kain and Janos fight the Sarafan Lord
- Janos is thrown in the Hylden Gate

al the darkness, it is implied in Defiance since Raziel is the only being with free will, it was actually two identical copies of his soul that caused the temporal distortions not just any two identical bodies. Everytime history is changed in the LOK series, it always involved two copies of his soul being in the same place.