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28th Feb 2004, 00:26
I've notice from recent news that thief 3 is using alot of the same ellements that splinter cell has, like 3rd person, and having your back against the wall.

But does anybody think that ion storm are trying to turn this game into spliter cell?

perhaps they are competeing with splinter cell to create a better game.

Do these ellements imporve thief or take away the originallity?

28th Feb 2004, 02:19
I don't know why Ion Storm would try to emulate Splinter Cell. Thief is far superior to SC. SC was, in fact, supposed to be in direct competition with the Metal Gear series, and was supposed to kill MGS (which it didn't).

28th Feb 2004, 03:40
I definately agree with the above user. SC wasn't intended to be anything like Thief. It's an entirely different game, but admittedly SC was a nice distraction while waiting for Thief, as SC 2 will probably be (as it will probably be out sooner than Thief3, but who knows in the end).

28th Feb 2004, 09:34
BUt dont you think alots been taken from sc and put into thief?

van_HellSing PL
28th Feb 2004, 09:51
Splinter Cell was very boring for me, waaaaay too linear. Thief is nothing like that, in fact the devs say they want even more problem solutions in T: DS than in the previous games.

28th Feb 2004, 10:13
Originally posted by coldplay_josh_106
BUt dont you think alots been taken from sc and put into thief?

I don't think so. Besides SC has also "borrowed" a lot from older games.

I don't know if any of you have ever played the most recent TR game (wich unfortunately wasn't as good as the previous games)
But that 'back against the wall thing' was in that game also.

Mosts games borrow stuff from others. And what's wrong with that? Personally I think it will make games, in general, better and more fun to play.

But I have to admit that some features in games are hypes. You'll suddenly see a certain feature appear a lot in games released within a short period of time. And you'll see that the developers have copied stuff of each other.

espionage? ( :D )

28th Feb 2004, 15:37
Im a little upset about the 3rd person view in Thief III but I did really really enjoy it in Splinter Cell. It was fun to see your character in action, Rolling and diving into shadowy Corners. Who knows it might be a lot of fun seeing Garrett doing this stuff. Not sure yet. I cant say til I play the demo.

28th Feb 2004, 23:02
Why wouldn't a thief be able to press into a wall??? ::confused:

29th Feb 2004, 11:36
I heard that Ion Storm has recruited some of the programmers who worked on Splinter Cell to do the stealth. Dont remember their names though.
I agree with Coldplay_Josh. I'm sure that IS have been influenced by Splinter Cell, after all it was a huge seller. Why else introduce a totally unnecessary 3rd person perspective? IS imagines that this is what a console gamer expects to see in a stealth game.
Hopefully they will not also copy Splinter Cell's horribly linear gameplay and pathetic game length. Wait! Wasnt DXIW stupidly linear and short? Oh no, oh please no....:eek:

Black Knight6662000
29th Feb 2004, 18:05
Don't forget, when you put Garrett up against a wall in the first two (maybe not in T DP but I know in T2) your visibility gem became dimmer because he presses himself against the wall. So he already does it, it's just that we didn't have a 3rd person view to see it.