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28th Feb 2004, 00:07
I have a prob my nostromo 45n by belkin it dosent seem to be working on lok Defaince the game isnt detecting it (only 2 buttons work on the conn Enter and escape) i tryed the new patch and it still dont work can any of you help?(it works fine on other games so it can't be the conn)

28th Feb 2004, 00:21
Does the Nostromo show up as a gamepad, or as a keyboard? I would make sure you have the control options set to Gamepad + Keyboard.

Also, if you're in North America, apply the unsupported patch (linked at the top of the forum), and try enabling compatibility mode.

28th Feb 2004, 00:28
i tryed the control options there is only 2 keyboard and keyboard+mouse i have the patch but i didint try setting the compatibilty mode i will see if that works

28th Feb 2004, 00:44
nope that did not work either

al the darkness
28th Feb 2004, 01:11

28th Feb 2004, 01:15
Could you provide me the link?

al the darkness
28th Feb 2004, 01:26

warnning: it might be in chinese language
but i guess you ll know what it is

28th Feb 2004, 02:06
thx for your help now i am able to some improvise a bit with the conn and the game

28th Feb 2004, 04:47
while the joytokey works i would still like to try to get the game to use the conn the joytokey thing is good but dosent have senseitivity when it comes to movement.

al the darkness
28th Feb 2004, 04:54
well, sorry i cant help that...you see, my pad is recognized...
i just use joytokey to play SR2...which is perfet i think...even analog is usable...

28th Feb 2004, 15:28
i didnt have no probs using my game pad on sr2,I wish i could figure out what the prob is, all the other games i had accepted my conn just fine i even reinstalled the game to see if that was the prob but its not.