View Full Version : Will Thief: DS be a sell out?

27th Feb 2004, 22:32
Do you think when Thief 3 hits the shelves it will be a huge game like halo 2? I know it isn't talked about as much as halo 2 but who knows. Do you think we should pre-order this or will there be nothing to worry about?

27th Feb 2004, 23:15
I'd wait for the demo before making that decision. :)

28th Feb 2004, 10:19
Vrbas, I've had a standing order for Thief 3 for several months now. I'm already committed. Almost regardless of how the demo turns out, if there is one, I'll be getting the game.

I don't think there's going to be massive sales such as Halo2, or Half Life 2, but I do expect it to have good sales. Who knows? With enough hype, it could be the best selling game of the year.


1st Mar 2004, 05:03
True, but do you think there will even be a demo? I mean there are soo many things we thought that Thief 3 would have but to our dismay these expectations have been turned down. So who knows? Neither Ion Storm nor Eidos have confirmed a demo will be released have they?