View Full Version : 3person Garret?

27th Feb 2004, 20:39
Hello, from the looks of all the Theif III pictures I have seen it looks to me that it will be a third person viewpoint. Does anyone know for sure? It would be a big upset to me to change the best first person stealth game by making it more like SplinterCell.

van_HellSing PL
27th Feb 2004, 21:12
Yup, there's gonna be a third person view. But have no fear, fpp is still there! The developers claim both views to be equally usable.

27th Feb 2004, 21:42
theres also those crayzeee wall climbing gloves!

Beagle Boy
28th Feb 2004, 00:03
What do you mean ? Splinter cell is an excellent game.

28th Feb 2004, 00:18
Splinter cell is a great game! I think that ion storm are stealing stuff from splinter cell abit and thief is losing its originallity! the first person view is wat made thief so appealing in the first place!

van_HellSing PL
28th Feb 2004, 06:13
Splinter Cell is a booooooooooring game. While Thief allows you to take multiple approaches to a level, SC is _extremely_ linear with no other ways to beat it.

Beagle Boy
2nd Mar 2004, 20:23
Splinter cell is the next best stealth game after Thief and it was made for the X-Box. I hope IS could make T3 atleast as good as SC.

ChillY BillY
3rd Mar 2004, 04:28
Splinter cell is nnnoo where as goo as the thief series, probably because it has third person. Its too easy to cheat by seeing more than your character sees. I for one will only be using 1st person in Thief 3.

3rd Mar 2004, 06:43
Splinter Cell and Thief are quite similar but yet much differences exist. The most notable is the world around the character. Splinter Cell isn't all about sneaking, you must also shoot and that kind of stuff and in some places the 3rd person is necessary to past some points in the game. Yhief on the other hand, is solely to sneak and steal. Both 1st and 3rd person are good but in some games only one of those is better. Splinter Cell had both and though it was made for Xbox it was great on PC too...I truly hope they can make the same for Thief3 also.