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27th Feb 2004, 09:52
ok i have a good idea why the hylden are exempt from the wheel.You see at the 2nt fight with kain and raziel *a Deadly confrontation*{Kain say's Because of your remaking you are the one unbound Creator the one among us all who truly has free will}After reading into this for a bit i realized that since raziel was hylden more then anything else at this point(after the abyss)That the hylden had free will there where unbound.this is why the elder hated them so he could not control there fate.at least thats my take on this tell me if i'm wrong.ok i have a good idea why the hylden are exempt from the wheel.

27th Feb 2004, 10:08
I've had the same thoughts about the Hylden and their refusal to submit to the wheel. A lot argue here in the threads its because theyre immortal, and thats whats meant by "not submitting to the wheel". But that doesnt make sense in a lot of areas, the most prominent being the example of The Builder in BO2 who has been imprisoned in the Eternal Prison, hence resulting in his aging being stifled. But, yeah I think the Elder hates them because they are wildcards.

As for Raziel being Hylden, I think thats another misunderstood section of Defiance. He might have been portrayed as the Hyldens champion, it does not mean that he is a Hylden. His actions result in consequences favorable to the Hylden.

27th Feb 2004, 10:14
he looks so much like one but ya i guess thats true 2 and as for the hylden i dont think there all bad if at all.they just want what raziel and kain wanted...................Revenge :).

the thing i love about the lok games is this fact.the hole world is in a gray between good and evil no side is truely on eather side.

27th Feb 2004, 10:33
this one really has lil to do with my topic but o-well

kain was so hell bent to keep the hart from going back to Janos.that really doesn't make to much sense since he knew that he stopped the hylden lords plains in BO2.So we haven't been told something or Kain would not have been so crazed about it.even though Janos was trapped in the demon world thats not enough to get Kain so crazed :).

Lozza Mate
27th Feb 2004, 10:34
even if Raziel was a hylden (which he isn't), that is not why he has freewill. Up untill raziel escaped the blade in SR2 his destiny was determined. The event of SR2 changed this one event and as such it creates a 'gap' in his timeline. From then till the time he re-enters the blade, his destiny has not been writen and therefore he can do whatever he wants during this time.

I believe the hylden were either immortal (which I doubt) or more likely they simply refused to praise/worship the elder as the ancient vampires did.

27th Feb 2004, 10:46
raziel always had free (after he fell into the abyss)will thats y the soul reaver could change history.thats why he was able to not kill kain in SR2(and he was able although dident kill mob at the beging after the reaver restord the soul reaver of SR2) raziel just keep doing the same thing over and over again cuz he wasnet getting any new info unlike the last time kain must have done somthing diffrent that made raziel change the path he wus under going.

27th Feb 2004, 12:52
Are you so certain that the Hylden are exempt from the wheel? I hadn't throught about it that way. I just understood it as if they refused to submit to the wheel as if they didn't believe in it, where as the vampires worshipped it as there god.