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26th Feb 2004, 20:38
my game has operated fine until the final scene of mission 9...when i walk into the room at the top of the castle my game freezes and an internet explorer message comes up saying a problem with my hitman.exe.

i have tried the patch, changing DrawDll RenderD3D.dll to DrawDll RenderOpenGL.dll

i also changer color depth from 32 to 16

i also tried EaxDisable instead of Eax 1 or EAXDISABLE

i entered the enable 1 code for cheats when i first started and it has not given me any problems.

i do have an allweapons cheat on but nothing else.

if i try to change weapons in the mission it sends me the same message when i right click to open inventory.

customer service is closed

i have been playing for days and am pissed.

nothing seems to work

i hope i do not have to re-install as i am so far along.

i have restarted my computer also.

tell me what i can do????

if i have to change my hitman,ini file back i can not remember all the words i changed.


frustrated in s.c.:mad:

19th Mar 2004, 22:12
DirectX problem? Re-install it and try, that's my advice.