View Full Version : All seeing Cameras and Zombie killing machines!

John D.
26th Feb 2004, 18:37
Hello everyone, I noticed that things are going a little slow in here so I thought I would post a little tutorial on how I got the Mechanist cameras to see zombies in my mission Brawl in the Tombs. You have to go into the camera's properties Ai->Ai Core->Notices Player only-Click False. Now the camera will see and alert on any ai that isnt on it's team. As for cannonballs, when a combat bot or turret fires, they will knock a zombie down but leave it unharmed if it doesnt explode nearby-how do we fix that? Easy! Just go into the object hierarchy and find projectiles->cannonball and into Physics->Misc. You will find two properites already checked, leave those as they are and check Slay on Impact. Be sure to save this part as a custom gamesys! Now you will have bots that shoot cannonballs that explode on impact!!-Muwhaaaa!!! Perfect for those zombie killing expeditions with some of your Mechansit friends!:D