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26th Feb 2004, 15:14
Kains mess up
I was thinking, do you guys think kain messed up when he killed moebius for the second time in defiance, because i think he was acting out of ( i dont care anymore attitude); remember when he returned to the citidal, and said all ive done, was it for nothing. i dont know just a thought.

26th Feb 2004, 19:17
As if one could go wrong by killing that character. Personally, I think he's lucky for having killed him twice.

26th Feb 2004, 19:22
i think if moebius wouldnt of got ate by Raziel, he could of talk the elder into resurrecting him and be a big benefit in helping kain in his destiny, just a thought, i dont want them to change the storyline, i like it the way it was, its just a thought

26th Feb 2004, 19:29
It's about time Kain killed Moebius,I hate his guts.If Kain let him live he would again manipulate everyone as he did before.Now that he is out of the picture Kain can finally do what he has to in order to save Nosgoth.By the way,I loved Mobius' face when his staff didn't work on Kain.:D

26th Feb 2004, 19:35
I have to say that is my absolute fave cutscene out of the entire series of games. Mobeus gets it finally!! and not only once but twice! ha ha ha!! by Kain and Raz!! :D It makes me laugh every time i see it plus there is Kain's smile........

It's an obssession
26th Feb 2004, 21:44
I hate Moebius too. I couldn't wait to see Kain kill him. You know that sign on Moebius' head? I know it's for the elder and stuff, but in my geography class, that sign on it's side means "haze" (as in weather). You can probably guess how much I laughed...

27th Feb 2004, 17:59
Yeah moebius got did three times, by kains younger self, then uber kain, then his real death by eating of the soul, lol he got did

27th Feb 2004, 22:53
Personally, I liked the point where Moebius 'awakened' in the Spirit Realm most. Moebius pleading to be resurrected, and behind him, Raziel, eyes burning with hatred. Moebius thinks he's home free, but Kain, unwitting, just sent him to his True Death at the hands of Raziel. Haha! Serves him right!

28th Feb 2004, 12:26
That scene is a gem to be treasured but did anyone else find Kain's smile really creepy (in the bit before he jumped down to confront Moebius)?

28th Feb 2004, 13:01
*raises hand*

EDIT: By the way, Laxely, is that quote from Blackadder?

28th Feb 2004, 14:59
*second's that*

Dark Abyss
1st Mar 2004, 11:50
I love kains smile before jumping down to kill Moebius. I also liket Moebius's face when he saw kain. I also like it when Moebius got in the spectral realm in front of Kain. What i didn't like is the fact that Moebius's corpse wasn't supposed to be there because i for one, haven't seen any "tissue" in the spectral realm. Ya know?

1st Mar 2004, 11:54
I love Kain's smile it's kind of like 'Ha! gotcha!!' :D and i agree with the body thing but then when you kill someone in the game the bods vanish so maybe that's why you don't see it in the spectral as they couldn't make Mobius vanish could they?

I never tire of watching that entire cutscene over and over again. It's happy, sad, triumphant, depressing, makes you want to cheer and cry at the same time - never has a game inspired so much emotion in me!!

1st Mar 2004, 19:24
Originally posted by Stormrider
*raises hand*

EDIT: By the way, Laxely, is that quote from Blackadder?

Indeed it is my good friend.

It's an obssession
1st Mar 2004, 21:18
Gotta love that smile Kain wears before he jumps down. And Raziel's expression just after Moebius enters the Spectral Realm. :p
So, Laxely, where did your new signature come from? :)

2nd Mar 2004, 19:10
As my old one (which I have subsiquently changed back to) it was from Blackadder goes forth, there are loads of good ones from there and the other Blackadder series' with the possible exception of the first series 'The Black Adder' which was quite poor.

LOK kain is the greatest
2nd Mar 2004, 20:12
we only find Kains smile creepy because were not used to him similing is all:) i thought it was great. a case of "gona kill him at last......again:p " and loved it when Mobi was in spectral and talking to the EG and Raz just stood there waiting. i loved it when Mobi says kain lives you see razi's eye's twitch...then he eats Mobi. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

*nothing against Richard Doyle. will miss his voice:( *


It's an obssession
4th Mar 2004, 20:38
Richard SO does not suit his voice. Watch the voice session "Time Streaming" in SR2. He sounds like a pansy when you see him speaking. But, he's a great voice actor. :) Thank God that's not his REAL voice!
The smile Kain has is so funny! When I saw it I laughed. Not at him, but at the fact that he was SMILING! It should've been like this: :D
Raziel's expression just before he stabs Moebius is so cool. He looks so angry, but desperate to kill him.