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26th Feb 2004, 04:08
Its annoying when all these 'haters' complain about a game before they've played it, give them a chance... If the devs ever read these boards, consider making other thiefs in the houses we "visit", it could make an interesting encounter, maybe a really good fight, and some spoilts to the winner!! So many fun ideas to put into a game....Lighten up gamers, give it a chance, if you don't like it go play the old ones....

26th Feb 2004, 04:31
Good point, saintones. I agree completely. And this is not because I work here. I don't, although it seems that way sometimes.:)

However, there is a certain benefit in the community making its desires known. The problem is that much of the discussion found here is immature and hateful. What we need is a little civil discourse, a topic that has been on my mind lately. For an example of civil discourse, check out Ion Storm's forum ( There is a very interesting and huge thread there in which a T3 Developer is fielding questions. Click Here ( I belive they are trying to make T3 better than DX-IW and that we have reason to be optimistic.

26th Feb 2004, 05:50
While I admit that I was VERY worried about T3 when I first came to these forums a few days ago... I do not, at this point, think T3 will suck. It may not be as good as the last two games, but I doubt it will suck. Most of the "problem areas" don't seem to be all that bad, now that I've read more about it all.

Besides, if they (oh please, please) actually release an SDK/questbuilder, it won't matter, we can just change whatever we don't like.

Anyway, I am going to go check out this other thread that Peter mentioned...

26th Feb 2004, 05:53
(Yo Peter, nice applications of the Claw elsewhere (all those threads are closed, so I can't thank you there!))

I agree - suggestions and opinions, civilly expressed - good, *****ing, whining and making big statements on flimsy evidence - bad! I really do think the Thief dev community is *very* aware of the passion of this community, and of what they have to live up to. They're working hard to make the game as amazing as it can be, and more power to them. They'll listen, and incorporate what they can (and as Peter points out above, they've been awesome about responding and discussing), but in the final analysis the game will come out, and be played!