View Full Version : Kain can Morph in Wolf form

25th Feb 2004, 17:21
Kain's abilities include the Wolf Morphing ability (from Blood Omen 1). I think it should be really great if this ability is included in the next LOK game!!!
What do you think about that?

The Necronoir
26th Feb 2004, 06:00
I absolutely agree, and I've long considered the best way to implement it. I would have liked to have seen it implemented in BO2 through the Beserk Dark Gift. It would have been great if once activated he morphed into a hulking, brutish looking werewolf, with his armor straining under the increased bulk, completed the super-fast series of slashing blows and then morphed back at the end of it. Simple to integrate into the gameplay system yet very visually stunning.

In a future LOK game it could be implemented in a similar manner. Perhaps the completed Reaver, wielded by the now purified Kain would be able to manifest each aspect of the pillars not just Balance, Conflict, Energy, Dimension and Time (assuming it has similar combat gameplay). A good candidate might be that of States, considering its emblem in the original BO consisted of wolf and bat form side by side. Once charged the reaver spell would change Kain into a bipedal Werewolf form in which his attack power and speed are greatly increased for a certain amount of time. The trade off could of course be that you cannot feed on anyone you kill while in this form.

This of course would mean that he could also have other attributes for the remaining pillar properties, Death, Mind and nature, but that's another topic :-)

26th Feb 2004, 13:12
I am waiting to play altered beast to see a similar game :)