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25th Feb 2004, 06:27
EIDOS- Can we PLEASE have the option for multiplayer. Those who dont want it fine, play singple player.. but there's alot of us that are dying for it...

I don't want to play it under unreal tournament, I want to play it under Thief!!!! The gaming world is screaming for a multiplayer game that uses swords, archers, maces, axes etc... but most companies are obsessed with either energy weapons or damn guns, and to be bloody honest, I'm sick of it. Every multiplayer game is the same, and for me, I only play multiplayer cause single players just don't cut it cause the AI aren't bright enuff.

Thief though was an exception, I must admit. Because it was sooo outside the square, and such fun to play. To have it as multiplayer for those that want it, would be just pure bliss. Especially if you gave us a variety of weapons.

BUT... if you won't. Then in Single Player. PLEASE!!! NO MORE CRAP MONSTERS!!!! Humans are what we want to play.. they are more interesting, more challenging and I just get pissed off when a game has monsters and I just end up uninstalling it in disgust at the narrow mindedness of the authors.

Please, in thief 1 and 2, you missed a major opportunity, and I think u are completely lacking in foresight to see the opportunity that is there for you to take. No one else has done anything like you, and Thief would be such a brilliant platform for multiplayer.

I hope you do it... I'll be bitterly disappointed if you just give us another game, that I'll play once n throw away like all the other single player games. I probably won't even bother buying it, and Ive bought every other vers...

van_HellSing PL
25th Feb 2004, 07:01
1. Multiplayer in T: DS is practically impossible. The reason are loading zones.

2. I like monsters. They add to the mystic feel of the game.

25th Feb 2004, 08:37
Venus, at this time, it's way too late to add multiplayer. The game's being tweaked as we type. If you're wanting multiplayer, I really suggest you play Thievery. It is unlike any multiplayer game I've ever played.


25th Feb 2004, 10:43
A multiplayer mode would be great and all...probably...but I really don't like MP games that have a lot of melee combat in them unless I can get really good pings while playing them. Having to hit touch attacks on your enemies while they lag all over the place is no fun. Even sniping with arrows would be frustrating if there was a lot of lag.

As for the monsters, I actually like them (especially the zombies). They really fit perfectly in the strange fantasy setting the Thief series takes place in. However, I truly despised the robots who played those endless mind numbing Karaas recordings over and over. As if his voice wasn't irritating enough to begin with... Anyway, there won't be any robots in T: DS so no worries there!

25th Feb 2004, 12:32
Hell, release an SDK and even I'd contribute to a multiplayer conversion of the game. Sure it'd be linear compared to single player mode but at least it'd be there. It's horribly sad that it's up to the community to finish making games these days (multi theft auto comes to mind).
Or throw in a patch after release...

And no, I fail to see what's so difficult about making even a "deathmatch" level where client locations are transfered via a 3rd party program along with the relative animation ID provided I had an SDK to work with.

You however have the entire source code by christ...

Just look at how many playstation 2 users bought the PC version of GTA3 to play multiplayer as a result of a 3rd party mod.

25th Feb 2004, 12:36
taking on nothing but humans would dissapoint me. luring a guard into shadows + lean forward = blackjack.

and that's what i liked about the mechanist robots from 2. if a booboo was made, you'd need to do a LOT more to get away from one.

as for monsters...well, i don't mind em. if there was a means of having em smell you out, along with see you clearly in the light, that'd open up a few more possibilities like guard dogs. or guard burricks! that'd be sweet to see two guards chatting away while the guard burrick (complete with spiked collar and leash) smells the corner of a house before urinating.

Mr. Perfect
26th Feb 2004, 00:47
Yeah, we want our buricks back. :(

26th Feb 2004, 01:26
Burriks were great. I also liked Karras's Children, it added another level of depth to the game. You couldn't fight your way out of those situations nearly as easily as with the guards.

26th Feb 2004, 01:59
Indeed, for you MP player types...play "Thievery" for your MP fix in a Thief vs Guard gameplay style. :) Even though it's made with the help of the UT engine, I promise you, you will be amazed at the quality of the games/maps/characters/etc. that were created for this extension of the Thief atmosphere. It wil take a fairly large learning curve but does have some very good play to offer you.

However, I too would be one who does not wish to see a multiplayer aspect put into the Thief game itself. As for playing once and not again???? Perhaps, since they are changing many things regarding the game that might affect that desire...but and I say a large but...if they release an SDK for the modders, then I'm sure there will be many good FAN Missions to come just as has been done for T1/2 :) At least I'm hoping that will be the salvation of this game for me as a player? Ta and Good Hunting!

26th Feb 2004, 12:19
I always thought that a multiplayer would not fit into the Thief concept, but after reading a few opinions expressed in this post I really changed my mind. I also think there is great potential in the idea, granted that it could also be a complete fiasco.

But I never thought of it this way: If it sucked, I could just not play it. :rolleyes:

And the multiplayer could have multiple game types. For example the theftmatch-concept they had lined up for T2 might have been a lot of fun.

PS. I too thought robots to be an ill-conceived idea when I first read about it prior to playing T2, but it actually worked out very well. And what comes to the endless rambling of the robots, I think it was an essential part of the atmosphere. You got to admit it was rather creepy hearing that mechanical voice go on and on about Karras and his greatness. :)


26th Feb 2004, 17:53
I don't get you people. Its very simple. Like most games, there are some that like Single Player (SP) and some that like MP. If ytou don't like one or the other. DON"T PLAY IT!!! Very simple. lol

I found the Thief monster ai's quite stupid really. About the only real challenge was those larger bots in T2, but they were damn annoying ranting n raving on about that Karas dude. Whoever thought of using his voice should be put up against the wall. lol

But seriously... Thief MP would be great... thiefs vs guards, theifmatch... no limit to the imagination to wot u can do.

As for Thievery, yes sounds great, in fact I went out today to get a copy of Unreal Tournament, but alas it is no longer available and can't be bought for love nor money here... only vers available is 2003 and later. But Thievery only works for the first version. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Waste of money that was...

Venus... seriously pissed off

26th Feb 2004, 23:24
it seems there are only a few people that liked the robots. all i have to say about that is "WTF??!!" i thought the recordings were cool because like they had the technology to stick in 3000 voice recordings. and also they were pretty hard because they could hear you and stuff just like the guards, but they were much more lethal, and the grille in the back where you could put them out was ingenious.

thats just me, though

26th Feb 2004, 23:52
I still remember the first time I encountered the robots. I heard em around the corner and was like "What is that". So I peeked around to see this huge robot. I wasnt sure if it would attack me so I went around the corner and it turns towards me, fires its bomb and kills me........I olmost wet myself!

27th Feb 2004, 01:45
Sorry Venus...but you really should have gone to the Web site for Thievery to get all the info first before you started shopping? However, if you could find a copy of Unreal T GOTY edition, it will work with that version also. Yes it might take some hunting...maybe even a bargin bin by now, don't really know, but it would be worth some time to try more ways of finding it.

As far as MP in the game...well I can say the same thing...if you want to play MP games go find another MP game to buy/play...it just doesn't really fit into this genre of this SP game. It wasn't meant to be a MP experience at all from the git-go! ;) But another main reason is, as I've said before, is that the majority of SP with MP element added in is that one or the other of the games will suffer in some way...but also which would you rather have...an MP componet in the game or time and effort from the dev's to make a good SDK for the modders? With the way things are, taking into all the difficulties of this cross-platforming process that IoS have been envolved in with these two releases (DE:IW and T3), I feel getting a better SP T3 game to be more essential overall than worrying about a relatively unimportant aspect of the Thief gaming experience!

You of course still have the right to ask for one in general, but I think your request is very much in the minority of the general Thief Fans who are not interested in this idea. So that's about all I'll say regarding this subject anymore and leave it at that. :) Ta and Good Hunting!

27th Feb 2004, 05:13
but also which would you rather have...an MP componet in the game or time and effort from the dev's to make a good SDK for the modders?

Heh, SDK all the way :)